These Beautiful Lesbian Wedding Photos Will Light Up Your Dark Day

*cries rainbow tears*

When the world feels a little too much and you’re stressed or depressed, sometimes you just need to have a good cry. But why not let them be happy-sappy-lovey-dovey tears? Here are 15 adorable lesbian wedding photos that are sure to make you sob pretty rainbow tears. These lovely couples were even kind enough to provide us with a super cute quote about their love. Enjoy!

Latishia and Ace James-Portis

by Tabia Lisenbee-Parker

“Our wedding was special because it was a public celebration and culmination of a life that we had been building together for some time. It was really important to us to not only honor our love but to honor our community and the love and support that made our coming together possible. We got married on the same date that we met because that date shifted life for both of us and signified a merging of culture, values, and possibility — that two Black queer women of Southern and Caribbean heritage could access boundless joy.”

Jullien and Natasha

by Chloe Jackman

“It was a gorgeous Sunday in Santa Rosa, CA at the Lahlouh family 10-acre property. This day wasn’t perfect because of the weather, but because we made our love official through marriage, knowing how deep our love for each other runs and the fact that our hearts chose each other to spend a life with. Seeing each other for the first time all done up in our dresses was such a breathtaking experience. The moment we kissed after being pronounced married made it feel like there is nothing the world could throw at us that we couldn’t handle together! We love one another so much that we did a surprise private wedding ceremony in Hawai’i! But that day, Sunday, July 17, 2016 — that was the beginning of the rest of our lives. We are rounding four years now, and we have two beautiful baby boys: Sebastian and Noah. We genuinely couldn’t be happier.”

Nikole and Claire 

by Ranae Keane-Bamsey

“We were blessed to celebrate our special day with our family and friends that truly accept our love and who allow us to share it with them.  As an ode to Nikole’s 91-year-old grandmother, who was born and raised in Hawai’i, we chose to experience a traditional Hawai’ian wedding ceremony.  It was a very unique and memorable moment for all of us.”

Jordan and Katie

Jordan Thomson and Katie Thomson

“The most special part about the wedding was marrying my best friend in front of the people we love the most.”

Adrianne and Kayleen

by Krista Mupo Photography

“For our wedding, we were able to rent out the entire property at Loloma lodge for the whole weekend. This meant our LGBTQ community, hometown friends, and family were able to all stay together and make new bonds and memories through set-up, the main event, and brunch the next morning. The whole weekend was made even more spectacular by the incredible Oregon Autumn backdrop of the McKenzie River. Saying our vows under the changing leaves, dancing to Fleetwood Mac songs with blankets and umbrellas under the clear night sky, and waking up to the sounds of nature and chatter of loved ones was even more magical than we could have imagined our wedding to be.”

Erica and China 

by Frances Iacuzzi


“We wanted a wedding photoshoot before the ceremony, so we’d have loving pictures to frame and hang on our wall. We were posed but our love was not.”

Courtney and Deborah 

Courtney and Deborah

“We met in February 2010 at the age of 19 and 21. We have now even adopted a two-year-old little girl named Asia. Fast forward to 2018, we decided that on the eighth year together, of the eighth month and on the eighth day, would be the perfect day to commence our union.”

Kate and Alyssa

by Michaella Till

Kate: “What was special to me was that we promised to focus on only each other that day. There was so much going on around us orchestrating our wedding, but we always brought it back to each other.” 

Alyssa: “We were both so nervous and a few things didn’t go as planned, but I kept thinking that it didn’t matter because I was marrying my best friend and surrounded by all of our loved ones. That’s why it was special — because that was the most important thing.”

Michele and Ashley

Michele and Ashley Atkinson

“Our wedding was the first to take place at The Healing Center in Smithtown. It is a spiritual, magical place, as they are accepting of gay marriage. Our special day was full of light, love, and bliss. The minister doesn’t judge anyone by their religion, gender, or who we fall in love with. Michele and I came together as two souls and will forever be devoted to one another.”

Kayla and Kimberly

by Tina Joiner

“Our wedding was the best day of both of our lives. Declaring our love for each other in front of family and friends, sharing the day with each other, and having amazing memories to look back on from this day is something we will carry with us forever. The night was overflowing with happiness as the guests ate, drank, and danced the night away with us.”

Cristina and Vanessa

Cristina and Vanessa

“For us, our wedding was the best way to celebrate our love. We have been together for more than 11 years, and we want to love each other for life. For this reason, we wanted to take this important step in our relationship. Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that this contributes to making the LGBT community visible. Love is love.”

Sara and Emma

Sara and Emma

“During our vows, I recited the E.E. Cummings poem ‘I Carry Your Heart (I Carry It In My Heart),’ and there is nothing more true about our love than that. As we grew into our relationship, I found myself wanting to experience everything with Emma. It wasn’t the same without her. So now, we carry each other.”

Dawn and Gabi

by Barbara Rahal Photography

“Our wedding day was special, as we chose close friends and family who truly accepted and loved us.  It was important for us to make our wedding day simple and relaxed. We had one of the best nights of our life. It was magical to see nothing but love and acceptance at our wedding.”

Julie and Erica 

Dr. Julie Shaw and Erica Ferguson

Erica: “Not only did I get to marry the love of my life, but we were able to bring together so many friends and family from across the country. It was also great to see my wife and I, as well as all of our ‘Matrihomies’ (that’s what we called our wedding party), express their authentic selves in choice of attire. We got to capture our love of basketball, [which] brought us together in a true ‘Love & Basketball’ fashion. Lastly, we created an experience for our guests that people still talk about years later.”

Julie: “It was finally a day to celebrate us and revel in a life that we manifested together. We, literally in our wildest dreams, would never have thought that we could have such an iconic New York wedding with the NY skyline as our backdrop. In this day and time, it is even more special that I got to share this day with my sister who recently passed, and this will forever be one of my joy-filled moments with her.”

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