These Adorable Lesbian Wedding Photos Will Make You Ugly Cry

Get your tissues ready.

It’s hard being an old-school romantic lesbian in 2019. All the cool kids are into polyamorous, non-traditional relationships now. Swipe apps have abolished the art of the meet-cute. And is it just me, or is there only like one single eligible lesbian in any city at any given point in time? Maybe not even one lesbian—half a lesbian.

Given this dating environment, a lot of queers will look at you like you’ve got two heads if you admit that you still kinda want to get married someday. Marriage? In this economy? C’mon now. It’s not gonna happen. We’re all just going to bang our exes and drunkenly flirt with our friends until we’re old and gray, or until climate change takes our lives—whichever comes first. Right?

NO. I REBUKE IT. Healthy relationships are possible, and, yes, marriage is still a thing. How do I know? Because I recently spent some time browsing lesbian wedding photos via hashtags on Insta and sighing wistfully to myself. Gay marriage has only been legal in the U.S. for under four years, and yet there are already enough cute lesbian wedding photos to make you cry FOR DAYS. Yes, they are just photos and they don’t fully portray all of the hard work that happy relationships require, but, IDK guys. A simple photo sure does have a way of giving you hope in romance again.

If these 12 wedding photos are any proof, marriage is cooler than ever. It’s full of color,  adventure, unique personal touches and, most importantly, lesbians. These outfits! This photography! These coupleeesss!


1. These barefoot brides in Hawaii.

That phrase “married to my best friend” is ACTUALLY true when a lesbian says it, which makes it v cute. These babes did marriage right, wearing simple gowns and wading barefoot in the Hawaii sea. I’m jealous on multiple levels.

2. This hand clasp.

This couple is so committed they even have their own couple’s Instagram page! Again, it could be corny, except IT’S JUST CUTE! The way they are clasping each other’s hands in excitement is giving me life.

3. This laughter + confetti.

This couple’s wedding outfits are somehow classy yet creative and colorful at the same time. What are they laughing at in this photo? The fact that true love DOES exist and they found it in each other, which is a miracle?? Yeah, probably that part.

4. This back-to-back giddiness.

One fun thing about lesbian weddings is when they adhere to the whole “don’t see your fiancée’s wedding dress until the wedding day” superstition and they BOTH wear dresses and they turn around and look at each other for the first time and ugh. What a moment.

5. This look in her eyes.

These two are wives AND sorority sisters, as they met each other in college and both pledged the historically black sorority AKA. Their outfits are lovely, but even better is that “you’re officially my wife and I love you so much now gimme a kiss” facial expression!!!

6. These perfectly balanced vibes.

Everything about this photo is balanced, from their contrasting smiles right down to that cool archway in the background. Romance aside, can we take a second to talk about the bride on the right’s impeccably tailored suit?? Five stars.

7. This triumphant exit.

Yasss to walking out of your wedding swinging hand-in-hand and grinning! This is how you do a beachside lesbian wedding, folks.

8. This embrace on the road.

This couple bravely took this wedding photo on a dirt road, and the juxtaposition is (insert thumbs up emoji). They are radiating so much happiness that, yeah, who cares if their dresses get a little dusty?

9. This calm moment in the bed.

I love this photo because it depicts what all of us lonely gays REALLY long for when we daydream about the wife life. Not the epic, posed lesbian wedding photos captured by some photographers, but, rather, the intimate moments like this. Just layin’ in the bed, being wifey and wifeyyyy.

10. This forehead smooch.

Another wedding photo on a road! It’s a metaphor about the long journey of marriage ahead, duhhh. Anyway, the important thing here is the forehead smooch. Total delicate cuteness.

11. This under-the-umbrella moment.

This is the type of stuff that you didn’t even know happens in real life, but it does because here’s a photo. A romantic post-ceremony moment underneath an umbrella. Where do I sign up?

12. This unbelievable style.

I honestly can’t even with this dress and this bouquet and this veil and this suit and both of their haircuts. ALERT to this couple: please teach us your ways.

These lesbian wedding photos are giving us life. Okay, who’s proposing to the next woman who actually replies to them on Tinder?!

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