10 Queer AF Songs To Heat Up Your Sapphic Summer Hookups

Queer sex deserves queer music.

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It was a long and daunting winter, y’all. To be perfectly honest, I spent most nights alone in my bedroom with a bottle of red wine and Demi Lovato’s “Daddy Issues” playing at full blast. But don’t fret, I’m shaking the dust off and awakening with Mother Earth as she starts to come back from her slumber and give us blissful sunshine again.

There are few things as pleasurable as feeling the glorious sun on your skin after a winter that left you feeling dead inside. Now it’s time to drink Rosé after work on rooftop bars and get tipsy without even realizing it every night of the week. Along with these sunshining days also comes flirty energy. Everyone is starting to ~feel themselves~ again and rightfully so. We’re out here being sexy AF queers. So get your flirt on at Cubby, on OKCupid or even on the J train morning commute. Those flirtations will quickly turn into hookups and you want to make sure you impress your summer cutie.

When you’re ready to get sexy with your summer bae, here is the ideal queer playlist to sex up your bae to.

1. “Special Affair” by The Internet

GO’s Associate Editor Dayna Troisi, who is way cooler than I am, suggested this one for the playlist. And tbh, it’s the best song here. It’s slow and steady to start you off with some hot make outs and move you into some heavy petting ;). I mean, these lyrics say it all…

“Biting in the dark, I might break your heart
I can get you high if you wanna climb
Cause fuck leaving alone
Let me take you home, I wanna take you home”

2. “Someone New” by broox (featuring Novels)

Next, we’re moving you into something that has a sexy beat and makes your body naturally want to start grinding. Broox is one of my favorite new queer artists — and in this song, she’s singing about falling for someone new. Listening to this with your sexy summer fling will get your heart palpitating.

3. “Make Me Feel” by Janelle Monáe

I mean, could I put together a summer playlist without this?! A literal queer anthem by queen Janelle Monáe. By now, the playlist is getting playful and fun. You’ll want to start taking each other’s clothes off. Maybe you’ll even have some impromptu dancing in your underwear before…

4. “For You” by Brittany Campbell

This song makes you feel like you’re flying in the clouds. As Campbell sings about going slow or going fast, you’ll start asking your new bae what her desires are. Does she like it slow and hard? It’s the perfect song to have some sexy consent talks to.

5. “Feelings” by Hayley Kiyoko

I f*cking love Hayley Kiyoko. This album is all about Kiyoko finding her way from loneliness to feeling something new. Instead of singing about hooking up, Kiyoko sings about being hooked on feelings and wanting something more. It also has a fun upbeat vibe that will leave you both feeling turned on.

6. “The High” by Kelela

Now it’s time to get serious, babes. This deep, slow, sexy song is ideal for hot and intimate AF sex. It starts off with lyrics that will give you shivers all over.

“My lips are creeping up your neck
You shiver and try to pull back
And forth and back and forth with it
You’re a star that’s what you said”

7. “All About Me” by Syd

This song is all about the beat. As Syd’s sexy AF voice is pouring out of your speakers, no doubt your girl will be feeling you.

8. “Do U Dirty” by Kehlani

“I could fuck you now and years later on
You gon’ be stuck, just reminiscing
It’s the way I ride you, let you stay inside
Yeah, I’m a fuck you like a vixen”

Do I need to say more?

9. “Around U” by MUNA

So I’m pretty sure this song is about getting over a past love. But it has a beautiful, soft quality that you’ll want when you’re done f*cking. It’s tender and sweet — perfect for aftercare.

10. “Werkin’ Girls” by Angel Haze

We all know that queer sex has round 2 and round 5 and round 10. We don’t play, y’all. And this song is perfect to get it going again. Honestly, it makes me want to pull out my strap.

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