Captivating Couples 2012

This year, we celebrate couples who have taken the plunge and tied the knot—legally. Hailing from the tri-state area and beyond, measuring the length of their relationships in months as well as decades, they embody what courage, commitment and love are all about.

Mikaela & Crystal
Washington, D.C.
Mikaela, 27, head track & field/cross-country coach at Gallaudet University
Crystal, 28, senior marketing officer, entertainment and sports marketing at Amtrak

At a time when girls are turning to OKCupid to find their perfect matches, Crystal and Mikaela met in March 2010 the old-fashioned way: through a mutual friend. “Sparks flew immediately,” they say, but they fought the attraction—at least at first. Though they were both determined to stay single and independent at that point in their lives, they couldn’t resist seeing if that spark led to flames. Within a year, Crystal and Mikaela moved in together, bought a car and adopted a cat, and a year and a half after meeting, they married in our nation’s capital with all of their family and friends in attendance. And married life hasn’t slowed these two go-getters; they love planning spontaneous date nights around the city, from bike rides around D.C. and riding go-carts to afternoon tea and weekend getaways. “The bond we share with one another is built upon shared values, deep friendship, a sense of humor and mutual attraction,” they say, as well as celebrating their wedding anniversary in random months “because we haven’t reached a year yet!”

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