6 Queer Astrologers Who Can Reveal Everything about Your Zodiac Sign

Queers love queer astrology.

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Astrology is all the rage lately — major media outlets are going beyond printing daily horoscopes on their back pages and are running major stories featuring astrology and the impact the planets have on our lives as individuals and a collective society. Millennials love astrology. Financial investors and Wall Street brokers look to astrology (yes, really!), and even world leaders have been known to consult astrologers. And although astrology has been around for more than 25,000 years, its popularity is booming with the advent of social media giving access to a larger population. And queers are slaying queer astrology. 

Queers are trend-setters, there’s no doubt about that (remember when flannel used to be a way to identify a fellow lesbian, and then all the hipsters started wearing flannel and throwing off our gaydar?), and our love for astrology is no different. Long before astrology became mainstream, queers were drawn to it, using it for more than just a pick-up line at the bar. Hey baby, what’s your sign? Astrology is so embedded in queer culture there’s even an annual Queer Astrology Conference.

As an astrology enthusiast, I’ve been been using it as a tool in my life for well over a decade to help navigate whatever (and whoever) comes into my life. Astrology is an incredible tool for self-discovery and a great way to find meaning, comfort, guidance, and hope. Although I’m not an astrology expert by any means, I follow some really incredible queer astrologers who are experts. These professional astrologers have written horoscopes and shared wisdom that have been a balm to my soul, and provided me with real, down-to-earth advice about how to best work with the planetary alignments in the sky.

Chani Nicholas

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With over 146,000 followers on Instagram and and 26.7k followers on Twitter, Chani Nicholas is one of the most popular queer astrologers out there. An intersectional feminist with a passion for social justice, Nicholas puts out horoscopes every Monday, but can be found on her various social media channels every day doling out relatable astrology-focused memes and offering wisdom and programs that can help you best get through your human experience, no matter what life throws your way.

Jessica Lanyadoo

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When I’m feeling at my worst, I can always count on the words of Jessica Lanyadoo to reach down into the depths of my soul and lift me up. Lanyadoo is an astrologer, psychic medium, and animal communicator with more than 20 years’ experience. I first found her by way of the weekly horoscopes she provides. I find myself looking forward to them and sending them to the people closest to me because they’re just that good. Her podcast, Ghost of a Podcast, is so chock-full of wisdom that I often find myself wanting to reach for my journal and write out every line as I listen.

Rhea Wolf

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Self-described “queer feminist writerly witch mama astrologer” Rhea Wolf is motivated by a vision of an emerging culture based on respect, beauty, justice, and relatedness. Rhea’s blog posts can help you use astrology to discover your strengths and passions while helping you define your goals and values. When she began studying astrology, Rhea noticed most astrological literature was very heteronormative. She actively works to expand how we think of gender in astrology so that it can encompass a more flexible, fluid approach, particularly for queer astrology enthusiasts.

Alice Sparkly Kat

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GO Mag’s resident horoscope writer Alice Sparkly Kat is an astrologer mapping the correlation of the biological body to the social body. In addition to writing amazing weekly horoscopes for GO readers, Alice provides workshops and astrology readings for individuals and communities. Alice describes on their website that one of the reasons why they do astrology is that it “seeks to deconstruct subconscious limitations so that conscious work can be effective.”

Luke Dani Blue

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Luke Dani Blue began studying astrology in 2003 and has been working with clients “to help them understand and be kinder to themselves, set and reach goals, and deal productively with the current planetary events (aka transits) affecting their charts” for the past 5 years. Luke has a popular astrology blog, Seagoat Astrology, and can be found writing about the planets at Refinery29 and Little Red Tarot. They even provide affordable astrology readings to folks with low incomes, making astrology more accessible to individuals who may not otherwise be able to afford it.

Corina Dross

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Corina Dross was born into a family that spoke of astrology and its influences on their lives often. As she grew older, Corina was encouraged to use her knowledge of astrology and share it with others. Discussions with her community revealed a need for a more inclusive language in astrology that includes queer identities and offers insight not only for individuals but the ways in which we can transform our world. Corina lives on the West Coast and now provides astrology readings and offers courses to those looking to learn more about astrology.

Whatever you are facing in your life, astrology can serve as a roadmap of sorts to help you find your way. Whether you’re looking for career, relationship, or “what the hell am I doing with my life?” guidance, astrology is an incredibly powerful tool that can help you awaken to the possibilities within you and give you the fuel you need to make progress and open up parts of your soul that you knew were there but had yet to embrace.

Astrology doesn’t discriminate. And because it can really help us see ourselves and give meaning to our lives, it speaks to queer people’s desire to be seen and understood in a world where we aren’t guaranteed such a thing. The use of astrology can help us queer people stand strong in who we are, hold our own power, and give us the confidence to be unabashedly who we are.  

In 2016, Chani Nicholas wrote a blog post titled “Why do queers love astrology?” in which she pontificates on the reasons why those of us who live in the margins of society are drawn to this mystical, magical art. The final line of the blog post wraps it up beautifully: “Maybe it’s because we need to know that no matter the rejection that we have faced here on earth, there is a place for us among the stars.”

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