Horoscopes For Queer Women: Stay Inside & Snuggle Up

January 6 brings a full moon in Cancer. Cancer represents home, family, and connection, so it’s a night to stay in…

Happy New Year! We’ve made it through 2022 and welcome a new year filled with opportunities for growth, change, and abundance. Venus entered rebellious Aquarius on January 2 — the perfect time to consider how you can foster your independence and make the best of your alone time. Aim to fill your time by engaging in your hobbies, interests, and favorite pastimes.

January 6 brings a full moon in Cancer. Cancer represents home, family, and connection, so it’s a night to stay in, cook a hearty meal, and soothe yourself and your loved ones with games, movies, reading, or other relaxing activities. Mars goes direct on January 12, so you may feel more confident as the month wears on and more comfortable with being direct and assertive at home and work.

Mercury goes direct on January 18, and we’ll finally see fewer travel delays, communication mishaps, and pleas from exes asking to return to our lives. The sun enters Aquarius on January 20. Aquarius is known for free thinking, uniqueness, and humanitarianism. Consider what form of activism you want to align yourself with this year and commit to being a part of the change you want to see. The new moon in Aquarius on January 21 is the perfect time to write down your goals and intentions. Don’t forget to include self-care — you can’t fill anyone’s cup without filling your own first.

Read your sun and rising signs to see what January 2023 has in store.


It’s time to reassess your goals and dreams, Aries. You may find that what you thought you wanted for your life no longer fits your current state of being. It’s time to reflect on what you truly want and need and consider what you can do to make that happen. You’re a go-getter, and the world needs people like you to pave the way and get things done that have never been done before. How can you elevate your career, community, and family? This is your month to become a changemaker — or at least think about how you can do so in the year ahead.


Change isn’t your favorite, Taurus, but sometimes it’s necessary. When it comes to your career, change is brewing this month. Not to worry — these changes promise new and exciting opportunities that allow for more flexibility. Now’s the time to lay the groundwork for your professional aspirations. It may take the money aspect a while to catch up, but trust that it will come in time, as long as you follow your heart and don’t let worries hold you back. Use the new moon on January 21 to write down your intentions and manifest your goals in the coming year. You’re a star and a gift to this world, and it’s your time to shine.


As you kick off the new year, money is at top of your mind, and it’s time for debts to be collected, Gemini. Before you continue working for less than you’re worth, ensure you get the coin owed. Don’t let anyone leave you high and dry with promises of pay (or more pay) in the future — it’s yours to take now, or you’re taking your energy elsewhere. Once Mars goes direct mid-month, you’ll feel more assertive and ready to stand up for yourself professionally and romantically. Everyone deserves to hear the truth, but remember that your delivery matters, so make sure you deliver your messages in a tone that is well-received.


“Release” is the word of the month for you, Cancer, and with the full moon in your sign on January 6, it’s the right time to release the residual emotions, drama, and hurts that are taking a toll on your emotional well-being. As the month progresses, you’ll begin taking steps to create and hold boundaries with others. This is essential because otherwise, people will take advantage of you — even those who love you. One of the most important lessons you can carry from last year is that you will not repeatedly stick around to be hurt. Not this time. This year’s focus is prioritizing yourself without letting folks walk all over you.


Don’t be surprised if an unexpected connection and partnership seemingly fall into your lap, especially around the new moon on January 21. Uranus turns direct a day later, and these two astrological events give you a chance to dig yourself out of a proverbial hole and step into new opportunities. The new moon brings talented and connected people into your life, and Uranus gives you a chance to step back and look at the big picture. You can’t meet your goals alone, Leo, so prioritize building your community with folks who share your aspirations, morals, and drive for success.


You may have felt frozen and stagnant at the end of 2022, Virgo, but this month invites you to get out of your comfort zone to propel yourself forward. You’ll feel motivated to do things that get you fired up and elevate your career and love life, rather than just getting through your daily to-do list on auto-pilot. Make the riskier choice rather than the safe one. When you indulge your inner desires, you’ll feel a freedom that sets your hopes and sights soaring to new heights. Remember to advocate for yourself, speak up when needed, and prioritize your own life rather than solve anyone else’s problems.


A connection that promises to open your life to a new circle of friends is on the menu this month, Libra. This works in your favor when it comes to networking for your career, too, so remain open-minded and welcome new people into your life with the ease and geniality you are known for. Remember — you don’t need these folks to think exactly like you in order to enjoy relationships with them. Your words hold power this month, and you may never know the far-reaching impact you have when you share your beliefs and gifts with the world.


You may feel a calling to reinvent yourself this month, Scorpio. Let your intuition steer you in the right direction, and consider journaling before making big decisions or changes. The more you honor your true self — and calling — the easier hardships and challenges will be to manage. In fact, rather than burying your needs and thoughts when the going gets tough, it will be easier to communicate your truth when it comes to maintaining friendships and partnerships. The planets are giving you the nudge to live your best life, and you’ll feel bold enough to be yourself with others and say exactly what’s on your mind.


Your finances may be holding you back lately, Sagittarius. It might feel like someone has clipped your wings when you look at your bank balance and realize that your next jet-setting adventure isn’t in the cards in the near future. The cosmos are encouraging you to enjoy yourself within limits life has placed on you. You’ll see that sometimes, the most grandiose places and things aren’t required to truly love and enjoy where you are and who you’re with. Turn to others for advice — especially those you admire and who seem to have it all. If you absorb their wisdom, your limits will be released when Uranus turns direct on January 22, bringing prosperity and abundance of all kinds.


If you’re feeling a bit indecisive at the start of the year, Capricorn, you can thank Mercury retrograde for the uncertainty. You may feel a yearning for a total career change on the one hand, but feel pulled back to stay put where you are and climb to the top and be the best of the best in your field. You’re a hard worker, and you’ll excel at anything you put your mind to. Don’t let security hold you back from living your best life. Seize the day — and the opportunities that come your way — and reap the benefits sure to come your way as the year marches on. Don’t forget to use your vacation days before leaving your current gig. You’ve earned them!


Your intuition is on point this month, Aquarius and the full moon on January 6 boosts your already strong gut feelings. You’ll have an ‘aha’ moment that tells you exactly how to move forward with some of your most important relationships. Don’t overthink it — trust what your intuition is telling you. Nobody ever regrets following their intuition, and you won’t either. You’ve known for a while now that it’s time to cut the cords on some unhealthy friendships and relationships. The new moon on January 21 is the right time to let it all out and let that shit go. Your heart will feel tender and sore, but by the end of the month, you’ll know you did the right thing.


If you and your pals rang in the New Year with some good ‘ol fashioned queer drama, let yourself retreat into your own cozy home and safe space afterwards. The drama is rarely yours to carry, and it’s okay to take a step back and remove yourself from the hurts swirling through your friend group. Your inner world is rich, and your day-to-day life is busy enough without taking on anyone else’s heavy burdens and negativity. You aren’t being selfish by setting boundaries and protecting your heart and energy. By the time the month closes out, the drama will have died down, and you can reconnect with your pals over drama-free dinner, coffee, or an L-Word marathon viewing party.

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