Horoscopes For Queer Women: Love Is In The Air

Venus enters passionate Leo on August 11, which promises to liven up your love life.

Midsummer is here! August promises to bring purpose and success to your daily life. The month kicks off with an abundance of energy as Mercury enters diligent, detail-oriented Virgo, bringing much needed clarity that will help boost your professional journey. This transit makes communication flow much more easily, but it’s still important to pay attention to both the tone and words you use when communicating with higher-ups. 

Venus enters passionate Leo on August 11, which promises to liven up your love life. On that same day, we have a full moon in Aquarius, which will trigger an emotional release of long-held beliefs that no longer align with who you are. Listen to your inner voice that encourages you to think outside of the box around this time. 

Mars transits through Gemini on August 20, bringing you the motivation to tackle your to-do list and the energy for socializing and networking. Virgo season begins on August 22 — an excellent time to upgrade your daily routine to ensure you get things done but still make time for self-care. 

Uranus begins its retrograde in Taurus on August 24, slowing down the collective energy and giving you all plenty of time to reflect on the triumphs, adjustments and setbacks you’ve lived through this year. The month ends with a new moon in Virgo on August 26, inviting you to make a detailed list of short-term goals you’d like to achieve in the next month. Use the energy of this month’s new moon to focus on how you can bring one big idea or complete one goal you have, rather than stretching your energy in multiple directions. 

Check both your sun and rising signs to learn more about what August has in store for you. 


You’re getting closer to meeting your goals, Aries. Don’t put things off for “another time” — that time is now. Take this month to prioritize your tasks, tie up loose ends, and get things done. Your professional life should be your focus at the start of the month. Do what you must to put your best foot forward and make the necessary changes needed to level-up your career and financial health. You may have an urge to reinvent yourself this month.  Remember to embody the version of yourself you want to be, not the version you think others need you to be. 


You’ve been toiling away, Taurus, and all of your hard work pays off this month in dividends. Recognition for your efforts has come at last, but you may need to give yourself some cheerleading and advocate for yourself before others give you the accolades you deserve. Mars enters your financial sector starting August 20 — this is the perfect time to generate ideas and take action on new pursuits that will boost your income. Opportunities may seemingly fall into your lap by mid-month — take the time to celebrate with the ones who mean the most. Remember that life shouldn’t be all work and no play — keep plenty of space in your calendar for connecting with new and old friends. Keep your heart open, too — romance with a person you may not have previously considered could surprise you. 


August invites you to step into your power, Gemini, but it’s going to take a little emotional excavation to get there.  The weight of past traumas and family issues comes to the surface. Don’t let it drown you. Instead, process the trauma and put in the work to get the closure you need, build on family relationships that are worth saving, and leave the rest behind. You may feel the need to get away for a while. Take the opportunity if it comes to you, but try not to let your emotions cloud your planning and packing process. Pay attention to the details. Mars enters your sign on August 20, inviting you to begin anew and take consistent steps toward building the life and future you truly desire. 


The invitations for socializing are rolling in this month, Cancer. Say ‘yes’ when the opportunities present themselves to spend time with people who encourage you to express your authentic self. You may find yourself obsessing over what people say and how they say it. Resist the temptation to let your thoughts run away, and instead prioritize communicating openly and asking for clarity when needed. The full moon encourages you to show up for yourself in ways that are sometimes challenging — set boundaries and be willing to walk away from the people, jobs and situations that don’t provide you with the support you deserve. 


Breakthroughs are coming your way, Leo, bringing clarity about the relationships you have in your life and who you want by your side through the next several months. You may have some unexpected relationship changes. Stay calm and open to the transformations taking place. This is a great time to be generous with yourself and others, giving what you can and basking in the joy that comes with being philanthropic with your time, money, and resources. Take any opportunity to form a professional partnership or strengthen an existing relationship with a colleague that comes your way. 


August presents you with the opportunity to implement changes that help you care for your physical and mental health, Virgo. Carve out time to perfect your routine that helps keep your anxiety at bay, your inner world calm, and your outer world as peaceful as possible. Trust yourself to set boundaries when you need them and don’t hesitate to say ‘no’ if someone asks for what you can’t give without hurting yourself. Let go of your negative self-talk and truly take joy in what you offer (and it’s a lot!). Seize the opportunity to balance your life in a way that serves you.


Your compassion, advice and objectivity are on full display this month, Libra, as more people are leaning on you than you may be used to. Don’t forget to lean on others, too. It’s okay to reach out for help — there is strength in vulnerability. August brings the opportunity to sort out your finances and set yourself up for a more stable financial future. If you feel stuck in old spending patterns that no longer serve you, be honest with yourself about what you can change, and take action to do it. Set yourself free of rigid habits that hold you back from living your best life. 


Emotional healing takes time, Scorpio, and it requires you to sit with your feelings and process them rather than pretending like they don’t exist just to get through the day. When you’ve let go of the past, you’ll feel lighter and prepared for achieving your goals. Your next career milestone is just around the corner, but you’ve got to ask for what you want. Be willing to try new ways of working, of advocating for yourself, and of asking for the recognition you deserve. Trust that the opportunities you want to see will come, and make the moves you need to see them come to fruition. 


Your adventurous spirit is front and center now, Sagittarius, and August is presenting you with the opportunity to expand your horizons. Book the trip, and keep your mind open during your travels, considering a new way of life that gives you the freedom you crave. If travel isn’t in your cards, remember that being productive and working hard doesn’t need to be the same thing day in and day out. Consider workshops, classes, and events that give you the opportunity to network and connect with others. Stay confident in your uniqueness — people who need what you offer will appreciate your authenticity and bold, creative ideas. 


Your pride may often hold you back from getting the support you need from others, but now’s the time, Capricorn. Asking for help will get you to where you’re going faster than you’d be able to on your own, and you may be surprised to feel inner strength that can only come when leaning on others. August is the perfect time to take up a new hobby and take a deep-dive into learning new things about life that may change your worldview. Remember: you don’t have to be perfect to pursue your dreams. Every mistake is a learning opportunity, so praise yourself for your efforts even if things didn’t go exactly as planned. 


Relationships are the focus of August for you, Aquarius, and it’s the ideal time to express your love and appreciation to those who matter most. It’s not your usual style, sure, but you have to be open with your heart from time to time to keep your connections with others strong. Let your heart show and your inner world shine. Mercury enters Libra on August 25, bringing a much-needed boost of confidence to communicate your truth. Boast about your professional accomplishments to the people who need to hear about them. Sometimes it takes a bit of tooting your own horn for others to see just how much you bring to the table. 


If you’ve been holding your cards close to your chest, August presents the opportunity to share your feelings with your special someone or put yourself out there to connect with a new romantic interest. Uranus goes retrograde on August 24, shining a light on how your stubbornness and insistence on holding onto past hurts holds you back. The opportunity for an unexpected adventure may come your way, bringing blessings beyond your wildest daydreams. Your path is about to change rapidly, Pisces, and your head may be spinning a little. Stay grounded, stay grateful, and watch the blessings unfold.

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