When In Dinah, Ditch Your Leather Jacket: New Style Ideas For The City Lesbian Who Feels Displaced In The Desert

See you poolside, babes!

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Listen up, city dwellers. If you are headed to Palm Springs for the fabulous Dinah Shore this year, you need to be prepared for a whole new style game. I know that your trusty leather jacket paired with faded Converse have gotten you laid many a night slugging back whiskey sours at Cubbyhole, but you need to trade it in for something a little ~lighter~ and ~cooler~ for this annual lesbian spectacle.

First and foremost, you need to remember the lezzie land that is Dinah is located in the desert. Your leather jacket is tried and true but will leave you sweltering in the sun and TBH no one wants to talk to the sweaty lezzie hiding under the umbrella because she’s that committed to keeping the jacket on. Ditch the jacket, babes. Don’t even pack it. This is your chance to dress in bright colors and patterns. The perfect opportunity to explore something a little more daring than the all black city uniform (I don’t care what city you live in, you know this is true).

1. Live in technicolor, baby!

Hawaiian Swim Shorts, Vibrant Pink, $27.50Photo by Polo Ralph Lauren

Black may be slimming and goes with everything BUT color also does wonders for your confidence! A pop of something bright will make you stand out in the crowd of hundreds of other hot lezzie’s. Might I suggest these fluorescent pink swim trunks? They will show off your thighs and give you that boost to go up and talk to the babe swimming in the deep end.

2. Let bold patterns speak for you.

Rox Shirt, $69Photo by Wildfang
Tropic Button Up, $69 Photo by Wildfang

Wildfang is one of those brands that just gets us. I mean, it makes sense, they are lesbian owned. What better way to really lean into desert style by rocking a bold button up? You can leave all the buttons undone with nothing underneath except your bikini.

3. Lingerie as outerwear for evening drinks around the pool.

Janet Mesh Bralette, $49Photo by PREMME

One of my favorite fashion trends has been lingerie as everyday wear. For one, it’s expensive AF so why shouldn’t everyone be able to enjoy how beautiful we look in our lingerie?! Two, it makes for the perfect outfit while casually sipping down margaritas. I can just imagine how f*cking babein’ you’ll all look in your amazing lingerie, with a cute cocktail in hand, flirting to the lez sitting next to you at Dinah.

4. Be prideful. 

Rainbow Pasties, $12 Photo by Dolls Kill

Show your pride. And show off your body (if that’s what you’re into). The desert is going to be really hot. You LA lezzies might be used to that blasting sun, but us New Yorkers are not. We’ll need to be wearing minimal clothing so we don’t pass out in the heat! Which is why you should take this opportunity to whip out your rainbow pasties.

5. Keep it shady with a cute hat. 

Daddy Baseball Hat, $22Photo by Urban Outfitters

Protect your delicate skin from those UV rays. Might I suggest this simple way of letting the land of lezzies know who you are? Find a cute baseball hat that describes you. Whether that’s daddy, femme, stone butch, they/them pronouns — there’s probably a hat for you. If not, there’s time to design one!

6. Swap your leather jacket for a bomb-ass bomber.

Birds Of Paradise Bomber, $79Photo by PREMME

I know you’re probably still mourning over the fact that I’ve told you not to pack your leather jacket. But never fret, my queers! This bomber jacket (designed by the queer owned company PREMME) is fashion-forward, desert chic and will keep you warm when the sun goes down.

Whatever you choose to pack, I know that your queer style is going to slay while at the Dinah. You really can’t go wrong as long as you’ve got your SPF and swimwear. See you poolside, babes!

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