What Your Menstrual Lunar Cycle Says About You

Women are magical lunar beings.

Woman standing on the beach with the moon in the distance
Woman standing on the beach with the moon in the distancePhoto by Shutterstock

Women are magical lunar beings—our bodies’ inner clocks literally link up with the moon’s. As the moon waxes and wanes in the sky, so do our bodies and menstruation cycles. It’s no coincidence that how our reproductive cycle lines up with the lunar calendar says something about where we’re at in our lives, what’s going in our world, and who we are as people.

Every 28 days or so we go through the course of a series of new growth with menstruation, blossoming with ovulation, harvest and degeneration in pre-menstruation, and back to renewal. This movement happening in our bodies is at harmony with the energetic forces of the moon, and that gives us power. How we harness this power is up to us. Long before tampons and Diva Cups were a thing, menstruation represented the divine feminine and was used for magic and rituals.

Though it’s known that people who menstruate are supposed to do so on the new moon and ovulate on the full moon, that is only in an environment of natural light (the sun and moon). Most people who menstruate live in areas where artificial light impacts their cycle and our periods don’t line up with the moon in this way. Do you menstruate on the gibbous moon or the crescent moon? And what does that say about you?

First things first, you should figure out when your cycle is happening. This will help you not only know when to expect your flow but also be more aware of symptoms you may experience like headaches, PMS, or mood changes. You can track this with a basic period-tracking app and then you can figure out how it’s lining up with the lunar cycle (there are also apps for the moon or you can just Google that information). My Moontime is a great app to track both at once!

Lunar cycle
Lunar cyclePhoto by Shutterstock

Full Moon Cycle.

If your menses is synced up with the full moon it is often a time of celebration for you. You’re feeling extroverted and have a desire to nourish those around you with love and abundance. Big meals with community go well with full moon bleeding. This cycle synchronization is also known the “Red Moon” and was associated with shamanism, high priestesses, and healers in ancient times.

During your cycle is a good time to claim your power, make decisions, take charge at work, and bring something new into being (that idea you’ve been brewing over for weeks, do it!). The full moon represents fire, power, and vitality. Because of this fire-y energy it’s also an amazing time to learn how to transform negative things in your life into positive ones. Take your full force of self to bring about creative action!

The red goddess of Babylon Ishtar is the guardian of full moon menstruation. She was the Mesopotamian goddess of love, beauty, sex, desire, fertility, war, combat, and political power.

Waning Moon Cycle.

If your cycle is more in line with the waning moon, this is a time of reeling in your visions and dreams. The energy of the waning moon bleed is outward, extroverted, nourishing, and energizing.

Because of close ties to blooming and harvest energy, this is the time for you to be persistent and patient with your goals. You may find yourself planting seeds for the future during your period or really working inwardly to see your dreams come to reality. This is a time of intention and fruition for you; hone in on that energy, babe.

Guarding waning moon bleeding is Demeter, the mother goddess responsible for all life cycles on Earth. She is the queen of harvest, pulling from her own nourishment to give back to the Earth—just like you during this time of your cycle.

New Moon Cycle.

The new moon cycle is a good time to take stock of what you’ve been feeling and come to some conclusions for yourself about how to move forward. New moon menstruation is a time of healing and renewal. Often times people who menstruate during these times feel their deep power from within. It is a time for inward self-reflection and nourishing.

This might be a good time for you to sit with your emotions and create space for new intentions. This is also known as the “White Moon” cycle for menstruation, which has historically been linked to intuition and the urge to withdraw from the world.

Goddess Hecate is the protector of new moon menses. In Ancient Greek mythology, she is most often shown holding two torches or a key. She has been associated with crossroads, entrance-ways, light, magic, witchcraft, knowledge of herbs and poisonous plants, ghosts, necromancy, and sorcery. She is mysterious, dark, and filled with knowledge—as are you if you menstruate during this time of the lunar cycle.

Woman holding a full moon
Woman holding a full moonPhoto by Shutterstock

Waxing Moon Cycle.

If you are in line with the waxing lunar cycle it is a time for inward reflection and self-nourishing. The moon is going through new beginnings and growth during this period and you’re right there along with that energy.

You may find your menstruation bringing about new ideas, processes, and experiences to integrate into your life. It’s a good time for you to think, read, learn, and plan. You may take time to meditate and be with yourself and your thoughts. Get to know yourself better during your period.

Goddess Persephone is associated with the waxing moon. She is a virgin goddess who walks the path of the underworld and represents harvest and fertility. She’s the daughter of Demeter, so it’s interesting that the two are guardians of the opposing lunar bleeding cycles. Fun fact: Persephone also is known to carry into effect the curses of men upon the souls of the dead.

Cycle Shifts.

For most people who menstruate, our cycles shift throughout our lives. My period hasn’t stayed in the same lunar cycle since I start menstruating at 12 years old. In fact, my period shifts pretty often depending on what major life events are happening for me.

It’s important to take notice of these shifts and see how quickly they take place—for example, did your period start just two days late or shift to a completely different lunar cycle from one month to the next? Oftentimes, these shifts are because of stress or something settling in your life. If you are shifting from a full moon cycle to a waxing moon cycle, that may be your body telling you that you need more introspective time to self-care instead of taking care of others.

Tracking your menstruation with the moon is about being more in-tune with your body and aware of your desires from the world. If we harness our divine feminine power, we can overcome anything.

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