Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: You Are A Star

When Jupiter first went into Scorpio, the #metoo movement started.

Monday brings a full moon and a Jupiter retrograde in Scorpio.

When Jupiter first went into Scorpio, the #metoo movement started. This is a time to re-examining what was unearthed during that movement of the stars. What did it bring to the table for you personally? Was there an experience that the time brought up for you that changed your relationship to what makes you powerful irrevocably? 

Because Jupiter often rules social movements and it’s nearing the end of its time in Scorpio, it’s also a time to reconsider what went right and what went wrong with the past year. The last year that Jupiter spent in Scorpio amplified the voices of some women for sure – but when some are amplified, others are shut down. If Scorpio is about the power of attraction, then Jupiter retrograde is asking us whether the way we defined a movement changed what is considered attractive, powerful, and persuasive. Figure out for yourself how, as your ideas of right and wrong were changed this year, what was approved and what wasn’t.

Lunar phases are always about the body and its needs. As you deal with the Jupiter retrograde, the full moon will keep you active. However, your energy will be winding down all week, not speeding up. Let yourself do all that you want to do, and just what you want to do. Make it a point to slowly and steadily wind down as your week goes by to save some energy for the next cycle.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


The things you don’t want to talk about with your friends predominate in your life right now. They’re issues about how to make you feel good about what you do privately, but also about how much influence you may have with your friends. Your influence is directly related to how much you care and are connected with your people. Having these ties will strength your relationship with yourself.


Dig around in your relationships and see what you find. This week is all about the people in your life, why you chose them, and why they chose you. It’s healthy practice to see if you’re putting any pieces of your own person onto the backs of others to carry and whether that agreement was stated and consensual. Also, figure out who you’re carrying. Carrying each other is not wrong, as long as both parties are aware and okay with it.


Relax into your form. The timetables and abstractions the world puts onto your shoulders makes embodiment so ephemeral. This week, just be a body. What muscle memory do you carry? Do you still know the songs of your childhood by instinct? And what messages do those songs carry? Every habit is a ritual and solidifies your time through series of small changes.


What ways are you trying to prove yourself outside of your family? In what ways has your identity developed through the fights you’ve had with your family? Use the energy those fights give you now. They’re there because they create incredible motivation for you to be comfortable in your own skin. Get in a brawl and see how happy you are with yourself after.


Be strong in yourself. Your power is that you are able to support yourself, that you don’t need anyone to worship you because you do that for yourself and by yourself. Kneel at the altar of your own person and replenish what needs to be replenished. If you’re dealing with any issues at home, realize that your alter is connected with your ancestors. Burn your offering for them because their accidents yesterday are your responsibilities today.


Just write. It’s your words that will carry the weight of the world right now. When your emotional body needs to be understood and your abstract body is veering around looking for something, you need to prioritize time to fill some pages with your words. You might not write in the way you usually do and words may not be fluid but they will be important and will change your regular thinking process.


Count your blessings and you will always have more. Where you make your money is a financial register of what you value in the world. This week is about taking stock of what you have and seeing whether that’s aligned with what you want to give form. You have the power to start your own jewelry brand, to sell your ideas, and to give form to substance because you understand what other people need to see manifest right now.


Just be yourself. Now is the perfect time to just inhabit your own identity and watch how incredible it is when it is different than anyone else around you. Remember the story of the baby swan who was raised by ducks? That swan didn’t feel good about itself only because it was different. Your differentness may shock you this week – remember to love that about yourself.


Take a day off this week. It’s just a day and you won’t be missed too much. Use the day to write a story. You may not know where the story comes from but it comes from somewhere. After all, you can’t imagine anything that you don’t already know. Doing this for a day will help you bring some images about the things that you weren’t aware you already knew.


The bigness of your dreams will be questioned this week. Think about who you see as your mentors, your peers, and who inspires you in what you do. Do some research about people who seem to be doing what you want to do in five years. Reach out to those people and ask for some sort of connection. This will make you realize whether your dreams are the right size and shape for you.


What reality have you chosen to inhabit, based on how you see the objective world? You choose your objectivity, based on whose land you inhabit, what your professional goals are, and the things you challenge. This week brings some awareness to change happening in what these choices have brought you. What makes these particular challenges so captivating for you?


The propaganda that lives around you and the things you propagate come forward this week into focus. Your power is the message that you have for the world. Now, how does that message involve and affect other people? Who do you expect to listen and how do your message listen back? Write another private manifesto for just you to see again.

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