Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Solar Eclipse

Things are happening. Wonderful things are possible.

Happy solar eclipse, babes! What horoscopes for queer women are in store for this magical week? We’re glad you asked.


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This solar eclipse in Cancer is all about finally realizing that the fears we hang onto, the ones that spiral into anxieties and insecurities and ruthless expectations, don’t really matter. Sometimes, we have to watch the world burn and fall apart to realize that every night terror we have is a product of our environment. When the environment is no longer sustainable, it will fall apart. When it falls apart, we aren’t scared anymore.

Jupiter goes direct on Tuesday. As it retrograded, Maxine Waters gave the public a piece of her mind while Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, a working class girl from the Bronx, overthrew a wealthy, white, male incumbent on almost no campaign money. Things are happening. Wonderful things are possible. This Jupiter retrograde has shown us that things won’t stay the same in politics, not when there are ways of promoting information that didn’t exist before. It has also shown us what is possible when we’re committed to transforming the institutions that don’t work anymore. As Jupiter goes direct, don’t forget its lessons as you dream of a future.

Venus moves into its sign of fall, Virgo, this week, meaning that we’re supposed to clear up misunderstandings and small embarrassments in our relationships. Venus makes friends with planets of social organization, like Saturn and Uranus, so doing the work that makes relationships smoother is easier this week. Take some time to make sure that you’re showing up for your friends and that people are there for you. Communicate about some things with the whole friend group present.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


The expectations that your family has put on you, the debts that hold you down, don’t matter anymore. All that matters now are the ways that you react to those messages you received. How can you define accountability for yourself in the present? How can you work to create a future rather than accepting one? Find security in insecurity – it’s the hardest thing.


The way you fit into the world is being negotiated right now. You need time to journal and write down your thoughts this week. The insecurities you had about your voice and why or why it doesn’t need to be heard right now are disappearing. Get your thoughts out from you and into the world. Let other people judge you. You have the capacity to not care anymore now.


You are worthy. You’re worthy of love, of another person’s time, and of your own energy reinvested into yourself. Like Adrian Piper says, you are always going to be too expensive for anyone to buy. If you’re holding onto money and trying to control its flow, take this week to start diverting those patterns. Instead, make your community your social security.


The person you once were is no longer present. Kill the old you and start living the you that you now. Who you are will never measure up to social expectations because they’re a construct of your oppression. So forget about living up to expectations. Instead, love this new you, and be brave to live as yourself in the world.


All those hidden fears that you think you can’t show the world show up at your doorstep now. If you can’t tell people what you need, this is the week they’ll demand you account for your needs. If you can’t feel your needs, your body might break down this week. This is good for you in the long term because it shoves self care into your face. Change your routines.


Stop trying to plan your whole future out. Stop using your friendships as an emotional blanket. This week, you need to let go so that you can figure out what makes you true. What makes you feel like you’re just yourself and here to have fun in the world? Once you remove your fears, you’re going to make things happen that the world has never seen before.


Any status symbol, which can be an article of clothing, a manner of speech, certain people, or where you live, will start to lose its meaning after this week. They will become relics of past insecurities that no longer hold meaning for you. Instead, you’re trying to make yourself whole from the ground up. If you need to retreat this week, let yourself do it.


You might be scared of institutional acceptance or rejection. There are gatekeepers who will say yes or no to you and both these answers will provoke certain types of feelings about what you’re saying and who you’re answering to. Your voice is changing right now. Let yourself not fear the institution to give yourself the room you need to grow this voice.


Your fears about intimacy are about to change. Any fear of getting too close to someone, of irrationally rejecting people before they can reject you, will become too obvious to hide this week. You’ll be asked to invest in yourself so that you can be strong enough to do things like fall in love and share a life. You’ll be asked to be strong enough to need someone else.


Any relationships you’ve been holding too close for fear of losing them will disappear now. Good riddance. You know who you are now and don’t need anyone else to get in your way. Prioritize time by yourself this week. You need to face the abyss that is alone time before you know what to do with another soul. When you come back, you won’t be the same.


If you’ve ever held onto a job or a type of work because of emotional insecurity, you won’t after this week. Your ideas for the future are just too huge and you are just too aware of what you are capable of. You don’t have to fear for nothing to do or losing a single job now, because you know what you want and have plans for the future. Act on those plans.


What do you really want from love? The ways that you used to hold onto the pursuit of romance to fill any gaps in your sense of emotional security is over. Building your group of friends around yourself has replaced those cycles. Now, you have to define romance and intimacy again on new terms. It may not feel the same as it once did, but it will be better.

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