Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Solar Eclipse Energy

Do a love spell this week. Your capacity to feel love is deep. 

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The solar eclipse this week will be about using your will to attract what you want into your life, being in Leo with Venus heading into its own sign of rulership, Libra, this week. What do you want in a relationship? Who do you want to join you in your joyful act of falling in love with yourself daily?

Do a love spell this week. Your capacity to feel love is deep. 

Uranus retrograde in Taurus takes it back into Aries for a short time. The last seven years made us more independent. These next couple of months make us consider the financial consequences of our independence. With Taurus’s ruling planet being Venus too, we’re considering how we’re supported by our own actions and those of others. The keywords for this week is sustainment and support. Focusing on your own goals no longer feel as appetizing if it’s not supporting the ways you love. Take pleasure in your relationships to make you feel worthy of wanting what you want.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


You’re about to change your financial future. Let yourself remember who you are and what your specific strengths and weaknesses are to plan for abundance. Depending on how well you set your goals and stick to them, this can affect you negatively or positively. Getting rid of your survival complex will be good for your either way.


Reframe yourself. Remember where you came from and why you’re here, even if the reasons feel a little outdated at this point. Remake your reason for being here in the way that you are today. You’re getting ready for one of the biggest changes of your lifetime and you want to make sure that it is one that feeds both yourself and the people you belong to.


You’re full of ideas, wanting to know more and see more. See it with the people you find the most interesting. Let your friends bring you new facts and opinions that you’ve never considered before. This week is a great time to travel. You’re hungry for new information. Your appetite for strange occurrences brings you valuable encounters.


Career and money decisions are to be made this week. What decision will give you the most long term security? Or present day enjoyment? Sometimes, taking a risk is necessary. Remember that you’re here to support more than just yourself. This will take some pressure off your own shoulders and give you something to strive for.


You’re getting ready to turn a whole new leaf. Remind yourself where you stand politically to make the decisions you will make about your future. Flexibility is important but having something you know you want to do and going after it is key. Give yourself a good reason to have the goals you have. Prepare to get very busy by understanding your motivation.


It’s an introverted time for you. There’s things hidden inside yourself that you’re fascinated by. Before you decide what you want to do next, you’re reminding yourself what matters to you and what you care about. Get rid of hidden fears about what you’re capable of or what you’re allowed to do. Decide what to do based on what is right for you instead.


Find your people. You will never feel like yourself or at home if you don’t have people who look like you or believe your experiences alongside you. Find those that you are comfortable enough with that you can discover discomforts together. When you find your people, don’t forget to love them or the time you spend with them won’t be worth it anymore.


The things that you hide from yourself about your social fears will affect your body, and make it harder for you to understand what your goals are. Make sure that you are functioning the way you want to function before you start to perform publicly. When you know what you want and can say it to yourself confidently, you don’t have to fear outside pressures.


You need something new creatively. If you’re used to writing everyday, then try dancing for the first time. If you usually make music, then try drawing. Exercise another facet of your abilities. The more you try new things, the more yourself you feel. As you begin to learn new skills to take you places, never forget the reason that you do what you do.


Influence and power are highlighted for you. Who are you influenced by when you feel your ambitions and who do you influence when you show them? This week will gently nudge you to be less single minded, to force you to separate work and personal life so that you are able to sustain whatever activity you care about for the long term.


You might be bored right now, with your relationships or your ideas. Merge the two. Find something that’s new and stimulating for you again, because getting trapped in the old just isn’t your style. Find something new to talk about with others too. They get tired of hearing the same old things from you too. Catch your own interest with new stuff!


Do the sensory experiences you take part in bring you pleasure? Do you have beautiful things that you look at everyday? What about what you’re smelling? Do you look the way you want to? Make sure that you’re surrounded by things that are to your liking this week. Find out what your taste is and you’ll find out things about yourself that are otherwise unseen.

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