Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Do You Trust Yourself?

Do you trust yourself and, if not, then who can you trust in this world?

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Do You Trust Yourself?
Monday, April 16

It’s officially retrograde season with Saturn and Pluto stationing direct this week in Capricorn. This week, we’re dealing with large systems that feel out of our grasp. Capricorn is the second house of the United States so these retrogrades will have some relationship to the plummeting financial markets. This country is trying to find its value again while realizing its values are broken. The retrograde will mean that it’s time to rethink issues of trust, stability, and capital.

Saturn retrograde means that it’s time to reorganize your time. Pluto retrograde means that it’s time to re experience your own power.

The things about power is that it is the invisible coefficient — we never experience it directly. We always experience examples of it. It is armor that strips us down. It forces us to be ourselves but also forces us to engage. It makes us have to try and figure out what our affect is on other people. This means that during these two longer retrograde periods, it’s a time for scrutinizing ourselves.

The Sun trines Saturn with Sun moving into Taurus so things slow down. It’s definitely time to think about money. Fire energy was a time when we had big dreams and we were ready to do all it took to get them done. Taurus means that it’s time to get involved in the process and work on the issue of trusting your own gut. Do you trust yourself and, if not, then who can you trust in this world?

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Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


Trust that the goals you have set for yourself will bring you where you need to be financially. Your best attribute, Aries, is that you dream big and you act on it. You don’t waste things. Believe yourself when you say that you will pull through because you are extremely resourceful. Focus on the ideas you’re building and you will get what you need.


Happy birthday, Taurus! Love the way you feel and the way you look. Feel yourself from the inside and the outside. Get some great body lotion and luxuriate in your own skin. It’s time to trust the way you make yourself feel and get a solid sense of who you are, when you’re on your own and around other people. Some self love will go a long way today.


Trust your subconscious. This is about learning to trust the way your brain works when it’s working on the stuff you don’t think about. There’s knots in the intimate relations you’ve had in the past and you’re just taking stock of them this week. Let yourself do so calmly and by registering all your emotions. Then, trust that you are developing intimacy the way you need exactly at this moment.


Trust your friends. Your relationships are moving according to the laws of the universe – through constant change. It’s time to ask who you trust and why in order to nourish all your relationships. Figure out how you, specifically, build trust and focus on doing more of those things in your relationships to give yourself security safely and soundly.


Trust that your goals will bring you where you need them to. You might have trouble adjusting to someone else’s schedule or cooperating with those around you sometimes. However, these are all things your inner compass is bringing you for a reason – you will need the skills you develop through these harder situations at some future point of your life.


Trust your mind. You understand your framework in how you navigate the world and do not need to justify it to anyone else. The emotional side of you is getting a beat down this week, whether it’s something happening or hormonal changes. Trust that the way you see the world is exactly how you should see it and that your perspective has a long history to give yourself some validity.


Trust your gut. It’s where you learn to crave things and where your instincts are nurtured. Trust the way your stomach feels when around people. Does it jump when you see your crush or churn when you see other people? This week, learn to recognize all these sensations so that you know exactly how you’re feeling and what you’re doing.


Trust other people. This is the hardest thing for you to do, Scorpio, but an issue or two in communication may force you to do just this thing. Know when you’re being too picky or suspicious and how to use your transparency to build up love and trust in your life. Trust that your messages will be received and you’ll find that someone was there for you all along.


Trust your body. Trust it to tell you what you needs to develop in your life. If you’re not getting enough nourishment, you will feel it in your bones. Feed your body with your resources and make sure what you have it nourishing. You will have to work on money issues this week. Make sure that you do so knowing your limits, capabilities, and needs.


Trust your own creativity. You will always make things that are yours and, with all these changes going on with who you are, you need to do some self work by playing with yourself and expressing yourself. Find yourself a pencil and do some drawings. Play with some clay and see what forms you make. Find yourself in your hands being massaged and molded.


Trust your location and the land that you reside on. This week is about having doubts about where you are located and dealing with systems, debts, and power that feel over your head. Not everything is in your control, Aquarius, and you’re coming to terms with some things that have happened before your time. Resist by first finding your exact position.


Trust your own thoughts and what comes out of your mouth when around the people in your life. Often, what gets blurted out is what people need to hear. Your interests will lead you to your dreams because it’s having interests that give you dreams in the first place. This is a time of data processing and what you find might inspire you to change your mind about long term goals.

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