Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Change Is Coming

Things were not the same as they were before.

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Things were not the same as they were before.

Mars squares Uranus all week — this aspect is one of the aspects that are best that getting us to change our ways, especially because they’re in cardinal signs. We’re still in retrograde season so we’re rethinking our work, what we ask for, and what we desire over and over again. It’s definitely time to make some changes — let yourself dwell on that feeling for a bit without getting too impatient in your appetite for something new and you will be able to figure out the best and most constructive changes you can possibly make for yourself.

It’s a good time to rethink but not the best time to act — you’re losing energy all week in preparation for an emotional reset. This is just part of how your hormones tend to cycle. Make decisions that give you some perspective so that, after the new moon, you can take action. Don’t make too many moves now or you won’t be able to sustain your actions.

The Sun is well supported right now, with its entourage (Mercury and Venus) in the signs neighboring it, around the same 20 or so degrees it occupies. This means that there’s variation and passion to support a Taurus sun that wants to generate love and nourishment — both necessary ingredients. If this is the season for looking and feeling good, for creating beauty in the world, then this week is time to simply look, inhale, share, and exhale.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


This week, look at how other people do the whole game that is money to see how you fit in. Remember that sustainability means you want to plan for thriving, not living so close to nothing that you don’t enjoy life. Make financial decisions that make you feel good, not more fearful, by prioritizing what is important to you. Develop your plans to make you feel more secure.


All the changes that you make in the world ultimately are there to change you, Taurus. You have no idea just how much you have changed — you’re not even the same person anymore. Everything that you face gives you a new face. Look at something again, something you haven’t seen for a while now, and you’ll find fresh eyes. Maybe you’ll yell a bit but it’s worth it as long as you find another self under all your layers.


You’re healing the traumas of your community. Really, all stories you are hearing are rehearsals of your subconscious. This is because you can only hear the things you listen to. Has your listening reflex grown tight and tired through the passage of time? Will it later? Practice a daily ritual of indulging your curiosity. Approach everything you can learn with a blank mind.


Your friends are different people. The ways you look for acceptance has changed. You don’t care about some of the same things you did before because you don’t care about the same people you did before. Let your goals and what you work for every day change in consequence. Stop wishing for the same things at the magical minute because they’re making you more insecure.


You might be looking for the same themes in the world over and over again, Leo, but the way you’re seeing everything is no longer the same. You’ve had a paradigm shift. You’re still looking for gold but you’re no longer on the gold standard, You’re still search for sweetness but you’ve had a taste of aspartame and you’re no longer naive. Let your disillusionment become your strength.


Your relationship with your political ideals feels like a romantic fever this week. It’s your heart that’s really on the line when you align yourself with what you believe to the true and pure. You’ll want to cross the line with what you fall in love with and that means sharing yourself with immaculate boundaries in order to reproduce what you want to see in the world.


Create a safe environment for you to enact your discomfort. Ask a partner to become that person you really hate for a moment so that you know where it ends and begins. Heal your trauma through fictional encounters with old pains, ones where you’re able to start and stop things at your will. Get kinky and creative about the sources of your angst.


The person you used to be is no longer the person you were before and you might feel a tad bit misunderstood through this process of true change. Anything you say to your defense will no longer stand up because they’re meant for older shells of you that have already broken down. They’re part of someone else now. Find the parts of other people that have become you. It’s a way to rediscover your own being.


Get mad – -don’t take it out on your body. Change your mind about what you want, about what you’ve wanted for so long, about that thing that just seemed so cool. It’s not cool anymore in your eyes and you won’t even remember it later. Don’t buy that thing you see and think you want because what you want is changing. Put your money away instead to invest in future expenditures.


What is the way you love and how does it feel? Make some art this week for your loved one to see. Write a love letter using nothing but your fingers and some chalk. Write a love letter using the earth. Address this letter to your best friend, your mom, and the people you become when this person finds you in the world. Make your love into a solid thing and lean on it.


You’re coming to a difficult decision, even if you don’t know it yet, and it will have to do with how to make your ideas sustainable. The things that sabotage you, that you keep in the back of your mind, dealing with your own inferiority or insecurity, will come up in some way this week so that you can brainstorm with those who support you on how the best tackle them.


Research the work of other people for divine inspiration. Look at everything that interests you – old comics, new painting, or ancient design. You’re looking for a mood that you want to inhabit. Find it in color, form, and frequency. Play some music that you haven’t heard before every morning so that you spend at least a few minutes each morning focusing on how to really listen.

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