Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women: Bug Yourself

Happy birthday, Gemini!

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Happy Gemini season! It’s bug season, if you haven’t noticed. The bees have come out to play and so have flies, mosquitos, and other critters. These small things carrying pollen and pathogens to other living things. This is how they create the cycles of reproduction and death that make our world. 

The Sun passing into Gemini has us all passing notes and taking notes. It’s the best to to find your sense of humor again in a YouTube video or a book of puns. And Gemini is quick wit, used to make the world more poetic and chaotic. Do some writing and learn a new language. Get out the house and do something fun. Flirt with your closest friends. Doing these things will give you some distance from your mundane life. Figure out what’s hilarious about the way you tend to do things and laugh at yourself.

Mercury opposes Jupiter this Wednesday and Venus opposes Saturn. These two planets, who follow the Sun around, opposite our slower moving planets mean that we’re moving against the institutions. The more security seeking parts of ourselves wants us to problem solve and connect with others in order to make the most of our situation right now. A little tension will make this week more productive as the First Quarter Moon makes us gain energy after the long sleep of the New Moon.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂

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Find something you’re really interested in, something that makes you forget about time and stress. Figure out what takes you in and makes you curious about the other things in life. Learn how to do something you don’t know how to do now by making many mistakes and working through them. Making the mistakes you need to make will have you learning faster and more courageously than taking any shortcuts available.


Deal with the accounting of your belongings and baggage. You might have too much stuff right now – sell some of it. You might need something – go ahead and buy it. Remember to let your life breath by circulating your possessions through the world. A healthy financial history is one that shows you know how to use the things you have, not hoard them. Take a deep breath.


Happy birthday, Gemini! You’re beautiful, alive, and, after all that’s happened to the world and you, still here. That is cause for celebration. This month, hold yourself as something holy and profane. You are a critical object simply by existing and you don’t have to do any more than just that. You want to express exactly who you are so you better make everything you create specific. 


Hide. Just retreat — don’t feel like you need to face the world at all this month. You need to have your alone time in order to just heal and the best way to do this is the write by yourself. Write in your journal, do some drawing, read and write your fan fiction — give yourself an echo chamber for your private world so that you always have somewhere interesting to go inside of yourself.


Celebrate the thing that is you with other people. It’s the best time to clown around. Laugh at all the funny things that come your way and laugh at the painful ones to, to make them go away. You’re ready to relax this week and share your time with friends. It’s these friends who keep life interesting and worth imagining the possibility of a future for.


Show yourself how you want to show yourself to the world with wit, brevity, and splendor. Make your ideas more accessible by clearing any conflicting or confusing statements. Read or reread The Elements of Style and apply said thinking to how you prove every point. Decide on your career goals of this year and make the plan you need to go after them. 


You can get interested in very heavy topics right now, things that you normally may not have the time or patience to get wrapped up in. The reason is – you’re looking for new ways of thinking right now, new ways of seeing the world. It’s worth it to take a little trip somewhere to get some perspective. Take a break from your usual routine and you’ll find yourself happier.


Talk about the ways you’re feeling dependent on others, the vulnerabilities you experience, and the things you feel like you have to hide. This month is all about building trust between yourself and other people. This will require active communication – elaborating and listening – on your part. Prepare for misunderstanding and you won’t disappoint yourself. Be intentional about crafting intimacy.


Hang out with someone new. Your relationships must constantly change for them to be interesting to you and you never have enough friends. Its time to get practical and notice how things are happening in the world. Chances are, you’ll notice some things around your neighborhood, maybe a person, you haven’t before. Make sure you say hello and you’ll have a new friend in your proximity.


Some kind of shift is coming to how you work and why you work. Get aware of your own schedule and see if you’re pushing yourself too hard or not hard enough. Talk to yourself about your own productivity, expectations for productivity, and be honest about it. Find a planner or re-do the one you already use so that it is more compatible with the cycles your body goes through.


Words are coming to you again, whether you’re making poems or javascript animations. You’re ready to absorb new knowledge by making everything you learn your own. You desperately need something new in your life and here is the chance to find it. Talk to people who live quite differently than you and walk a mile in their shoes. This will tell you whether you’re happy how you are or not.


Get your home in order. This is your yearly month to figure out if you’re happy where you live and, if you’re not, to do something about it. Rearrange the furniture you have, do a furniture swap with some people, and take stock of your belongings. If something is making you sick at home, then you have to change it. Take some time to improve the place you live so that you can destress at home.

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