Weekly Horoscopes: How To Get Over Your Addiction To Work

The right decisions are the easy ones. The hard decisions don’t belong to me.

Weekly Horoscopes For Queer Women:
How To Get Over Your Addiction To Work

This week is a week of real work. You might get things done differently than usual. Instead of pushing yourself ruthlessly while believing that business is a virtue, try to increase the efficiency of your projects by giving yourself time to rest, dream, and create passion. Yes, you will be pushed to new depths this week but only if you enjoy those depths and that push. Don’t fetishize hard work for its own sake and, instead, make working a living process. Most of the work that determines whether or not your project will be a success is out of your hands. What is left for you to do should feel easy. If it’s not, then its not according to the flow of your energy and you’re working on someone else’s terms.

Repeat this mantra on the Full Moon on Saturday: The right decisions are the easy ones. The hard decisions don’t belong to me.

Looking for easiness is a hard struggle this week with Sun square Saturn. Try to keep in mind that we evolved to live and that any work we can do must benefit that evolution. You were never born to work against your own nature. A simple thing to try: get your sleep schedule back on track. Your body is healing itself from 10 PM to 3 AM so make sure you’re sleeping during those hours and not obsessing over work. You’ll get it done much faster and do a better job in the morning.

The mercury retrograde creates a crisis of self. You might be called on to show up more during these next few weeks and question the ways you show up for other people. Do you know up when you’re not expected? Is that a good or bad thing (or both)? Are you too egotistic or do other people think you’re too egotistic and what is the difference? This crisis, like the problem with easiness, is all about energy. Figure out how you do things, whether you do them in bursts or sustained efforts, how you specifically push through existence. These habits are the tools your ancestors gave you and your body developed in accordance to these tools. Using them should feel as natural as taking a breath.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon.


Finish up a project related to your career, whether its an application or manifesto. Then, put things in perspective by realizing that whether you’re able to do the things you want is not completely up to you or your merits. There are bigger things at play and you’re just a little dog in a big city. If you’re meant to do something, you will do it because it will fit you and the world around you. Let life guide your energy without diminishing it.


Keep taking care of yourself this time around. Keep sleeping well and going to bed early. Now, make sure your food is nourishing you and that your water is purifying you. Invest in your body. Buy a water filter and avoid all that fluoride and chlorine. Make sure you eat at least one leafy green vegetable a day. Make health a matter of principle because you can’t be your best self without it.


Your most important relationships are the ones that feel the easiest. If someone makes you feel like you need to impress them all the time, you might want to do a double take on that relationship. Chances are, you’re not right for each other. Notice the people you might have been taking for granted this week and do something for them that shows you care. When people notice that you care, everyone will want to be your friend.


You might get a teensy bit jealous of someone this week. If you do, don’t panic! The reason that you feel this way is because you see something great in that person that reminds you of yourself. Now, your job will be to foster that part of you, which is crying out for attention. You put away that part of you long ago because you thought the world wouldn’t welcome it but, now that you see someone else getting successful by nourishing it, you get a little wake up call.


It’s possible that you’re in a conflict at work — right now, you’re realizing all the ways your principles and job are incompatible. You have two choices: give up and start anew or change things from within. This decision comes to you not to be made but to make you think bigger and broader. Your adaptability is your strength in all this. Don’t forget to take care of your body, especially when things are stressful.


Keep remembering not to overanalyze things or criticize yourself too harshly. Chances are, whatever you’re working on, you’ve already done the majority of the work. Stop thinking that you have to make money all the time to be a good and valuable member of society. So, that leaves only one things left to do, Virgo, and its the hardest thing of all for you: stop working!! Right now. Start living instead.


You might be dealing with a little bit of guilt right now. Figure out what the source of it is before debating with yourself whether it is real of not. Guilt is a very old emotion and, chances are, the guilt comes from several generations before you in your ancestry. This means that it’s not your fault that you feel this way but, since you are alive right now, it is your job to deal with it. 


You’re a little tired this week. Give yourself time to do nothing and just be in your house if you don’t feel like going outside. You’ll actually be really productive if you give yourself what you want and need. You’ll get wrapped up in a book and learn something that changes you. By closing your ears to the outside world, you’ll start to hear your body. This body is gibing you important information.


Your future, how you think about it, should feel easy to you. You might have no idea what it holds and cannot hold a picture of it in your mind but it should fit you like a sock on a foot. If your future is a perfect expression of who you are, then you have no cause for fears or doubts. Assume that by being yourself, you will become who you are meant to be and get rid of anything that makes you feel insecure.


Stop pushing yourself so hard. The funny thing is, you might be pushing yourself all the time to be comfortable when you never want to sit down. Let yourself work when you need to in order to create the need to rest. Exhaustion feels good sometimes if it leads to a deep sleep because it gives your body a chance to practice its healing powers on itself. Push yourself when you need to and rest when you need it – just stop overthinking it.


Tell yourself a private story. Read a book that’s just for you and don’t tell anyone what it says. This is your week for giving yourself a headspace that is for you and only for you. The only way you’ll be able to share knowledge, Aquarius, is to keep some secret. You’ll create new knowledge if you do this that will crackle like electricity in the world.


Change is always a safer investment for the long term, though it is riskier in the short term. Stasis is safe only in the short term and always becomes riskier in the long term. This week, figure out how to invest in your future by doing what you already do best: feeling life’s rhythm and moving with it. You’re water that becomes strong when it’s moving and gushing. Use your sense of movement.

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