Vote Yetta In The Democratic Primary On September 15!

GO is proud to endorse Yetta Kurland for city council!

GO Magazine is proud to endorse Yetta Kurland for City Council, 3rd District, Manhattan. We firmly believe that  Yetta has proven herself to be the right person for the job. She is a true leader in the LGBT community who does not accept that she has to “go along to get along.” She has challenged the Speaker of the City Council in the hottest Primary race in town, and if necessary, will challenge the current administration on the issues that are dear to her.

As a civil rights attorney, who defended those falsely arrested in 2004 outside the Republican Convention, Yetta is completely opposed to the unconstitutional ban on political demonstrations of more than 50 people without the permission of the police. Yetta will fight to overturn the demonstration law, and has pledged to investigate incidents involving the apparent harassment of gay men and lesbians by the NYPD.

Yetta staunchly opposed the extension of term limits imposed unilaterally by the City Council. Her opponent, the incumbent, sponsored the term limits extension guaranteeing herself and the Mayor the possibility of third terms. Like so many New Yorkers, Yetta is outraged that the extension was obtained without a general vote by New Yorkers.

In her role as an educator who serves as an adjunct professor at NYU, Yetta disagrees with many of the Mayor’s current education policies. She feels that parents should be a part of their children’s education, and must be structurally integrated into school management. She believes that in New York, the arts capital of the world, arts and music must be  essential elements of children’s education at every grade level.

As a grassroots community organizer, Yetta feels that any development in the 3rd District must enhance the community rather than destroy it, and she will use the power of her office to enforce that requirement. Yetta knows that an intelligent developer will seek out community input so as to improve development designs.

And, as an advocate for seniors, Yetta will fight to pass the Pets in Housing Bill, which will allow seniors the right to have pet companions live with them in their apartments. An animal rights activist, Yetta also firmly supports the movement to ban horse-drawn carriages in NYC.

Yetta has recently won the endorsements of several prominent political and community organizations including the New York League of Humane Voters, which works to pass animal protection law, Democracy for New York City, the New York Community Council, the 504 Democrats, the New York Blade, and OutPOCPAC, a non-partisan political club of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered People of Color, who work to educate and unite diverse communities around a progressive and multi-faceted agenda of justice.

Yetta Kurland will bring compassion, community spirit and personal drive to the 3rd District. She will listen to the people, and she will be the people’s voice in the City Council.


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