Video Of The Day: Women Rocking Armpit Hair Are Sexy AF

You are beautiful!

Body hair is sexy. The choice to shave or not is empowering. Women and femmes have long been under a lot of pressure to conform to the standards of beauty that marketing companies put forth. And one of those ridiculous beauty standards is being complete free of all body hair. No armpit hair, no pubic hair, no leg hair, no face hair and no arm hair. Women shave, wax and pluck away the hair to get this constant perfection.

But not only is expensive upkeep—it also can be harmful to your self image. It’s hard to constantly be internalizing that the hair your body naturally produces is intrinsically deemed “ugly” by society. So here is a video of empowered and beautiful women who decided to stop conforming and start growing out their armpit hair. It’s wonderful. Whether you choose to have armpit or not, we hope you know how beautiful you are!

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