Video of the Day: Laverne Cox Beautifully Tells The Story of Trans History

Resistance is our birth right, the gift passed on from our elders.

I woke up this morning with a heavy heart. After the events of this weekend, I needed something inspiring to keep my heart of resistance going. Then I found this video “Time Marches Forward and So Do We.” It gave me hope and knowledge. We must always look back at our LGBTQ ancestors and learn from their power. From the lives of Sylvia Rivera and Miss Major—there is so much to learn and grow from. Laverne Cox beautifully narrates as this artist depicts what the history books don’t tell us about LGBTQ lives and history.

In times like these—when white supremacy and nationalism is on the rise—we need to fuel our resistance with hope. For decades LGBTQ people have been in the streets organizing and fighting against the powers that be. We can learn from the past as we look towards a daunting future.

“Our community is resilient and our history of resistance runs deep. Follow in the footsteps of Flawless, Major, Sylvia, Marsha. We fight back the way they did, we take care of each other. We tell our stories and we demand justice. Join the fight! In the courts, in state legislatures, in the streets, in the voting booths. Resistance is our birth right, the gift passed on from our elders. We have aways existed and we will continue to fight until we are all safe and free.”

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