Video Of The Day: Queer Girl First Kiss

Because sometimes we just need watch girls kiss each other.

Sometimes, we just need to watch queer girls KISS in order to remember that ~sweetness~ still exists in this cruel, cold world, and that kisses exchanged between two women is still the most magical thing to watch. Ever.

In this short video created by Project Q, not only do you get to watch two queer ladies kiss for the first time, you get to watch two queer ladies kiss who are total strangers, and meet on camera for the first time. The end result is adorably awkward, passionate and a little bit ~sexy~ too. Plus this stars some of our favorite New York girls, so it’s extra special to us.

So. Would you kiss a stranger? On camera? For a million plus viewers to watch? I know I would! But then again, I’m just a giant kissing slut.

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