Video Of The Day: London’s “Loveliest” Lesbians

If you’re in this video, EMAIL US.

Don’t ask me how I came across this video of “London’s Loveliest Lesbians” (according to Tatler magazine) but I did. As a brit with a UK passport I’m pretty pissed off I didn’t make the list but whatever. I was for the record, living in London at the time of this video, but we’ll let it slide because I’m only half English and maybe they wanted full bred Brits. Or maybe it’s because I was an antisocial mean lesbian back in those days. I don’t know. That’s neither here nor there.

Regardless these London Lezzies are CUTE! And should totally model/be interviewed by GO Magazine. So if you’re in this video (or if you know someone in this video) email me.

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