Video Of The Day: All The Queer Babes You’re Going To See Tonight At The Dyke Bar

Support your local dyke bar, babe.

The Video Of The Day, (I mean Video Of The GAY, really, babes), today is so accurate that I spit out my coffee and it landed all across the white carpet (I haven’t cleaned it up yet, because I’m a savage).

This hilarious Buzzfeed video depicts the seven types of lesbians you’ll inevitably meet in the lezzie bar. I was prepared to watch this and roll my eyes, yawn and mutter “Not in New York, bitch! We meet wayyy better lesbians in gay bars in mothafucking NYC!” but alas, I was wrong. You can find these tropes in queer bars all across Manhattan, Brooklyn, The Bronx and Queens (don’t know about Staten Island, only went once for Glamour Shots). I guess lesbian stereotypes are universal, honey.

So queer it is. Enjoy! And have fun at the dyke bar tonight (support your local dyke bar!).

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