Video Of The Day: Denver Student Walk Out Inspires Me To Keep Going

Young people keep the revolution going.

Young people keep the revolution going. They are the resistance. They continue to give me hope, even in the face of the terrifying darkness that is filling this country right now. Ever since November 9, 2016 young people have been flooding the streets, tweets and phone lines of politicians to demand change. It was no different yesterday when Sessions announced the rescinding of DACA. This decision is inhumane. Leaving 800,000 young people now undocumented and at risk for deportation.

A multi-school student walkout in Denver, Colorado began at 9:30am on September 5, shortly after the formal announcement from Sessions. Many students were carrying signs with messages like ‘Defend DACA’ and ‘Our dreams can’t wait.’ These walkouts are a part of a larger organized effort to defend the DACA program. It was followed by a rally at the Tivoli Quad on the Auraria Campus where many students effected by this decision spoke out.

“We’re marching for each other. It’s not just for one person, it’s for every individual,” said one student. Another spoke out at the rally saying they are “undocumented and unafraid.” This action brought together students with different, yet similar stories. All people who came to the US when they were children and see this country as their home.

Any one who has the privilege of citizenship right now should be doing their best to support undocumented people who are at risk living under this current administration. Donate to GoFundMe’s if you can. Help someone out who might need to file a DACA application in the next couple of days, while they still can. Show up to rally’s and protests like this where you can be an ally.

While many immigrants are negatively impacted by this decision, LGBTQ young people are often at higher risk of facing financial barriers to receiving ad in immigration paperwork. The Transgender Law Center tweeted out yesterday that transgender people who are impacted by the DACA decision can reach out to them for assistance in navigating alternate forms of immigration relief. In times like these we must uplift the most underserved members of our LGBTQ family.

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