Comedian Sabrina Jalees Discusses ‘Lesbian Sleepovers’ And It’s Giving Us Serious Flashbacks

When we played truth or dare, we always chose dare, right lezzies?

Sleepovers were a particularly, uh, “loaded” experience for us lesbionic teens, weren’t they? I, in particular, was always the one who was a little bit “too excited” to “practice” kissing with my girlfriends.

“Let’s practice kissing so I know what to do when I kiss my boyfriend at the school dance this weekend!” Brittany* would squeal, excitedly.

“Ew! I don’t want to kiss you, Brittany.” Leah* would sneer at Brittany.

“I’ll kiss you!” I would practically scream, pushing my dark hair behind my ears excitedly.

“Woah, Zara is really excited to kiss to Brittany. Zara, are you a dyke?” Leah would hiss, viciously, like a pissed off house cat.

My face would go hot. Steam would come out of my ears. “I’m not a dyke! I just want to practice because I’m like, SO INTO MY BOYFRIEND, OK?”

The next thing I knew, I would be getting ~down~ and ~dirty~ with Brittany, in a very, intense kissing session that left us both red-cheeked and flustered. Oh, I lived for kissing Brittany. Turns out Brittany is now a surefire dyke.

Want to hear some more struggles of the lesbian sleepover? Check out this hilarious video with comedian Sabrina Jalees. It will be sure to give you some good ole’ adolescent flashbacks.

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