#TBT: Iconic L Word Moment

“Do you think she’ll have sex with us?”

Oh, The L Word. Will we ever get sick of talking about it? Nope! The L Word will forever hold a significant cultural imprint in our gay hearts. TV writers, give us another show dedicated to sexy AF queer women and maybe we’ll finally shut up and move on. Until then, let’s keep obsessing! I present to you, a new #TBT dedicated to an L Word moment every Thursday.

Yes, yes, we know—a lot of iconic L Word moments have been well documented for years by the lez internet. Most notably: Sharmen lap dance, Sharmen f*cking 3 minutes after meeting, Sharmen *almost* getting married, Sharmen, Sharmen, Sharmen. And I’ll probably include those at some point because they inspired a nation. They changed our lives. They made us wet! But what about the more subtle moments you might’ve overlooked? I’d like to start with a lesser recognized sexy couple for today’s #TBT: Jenny and Claude. It shouldn’t come as a shock to you that my first throwback has to do with Jenny, because I am an unapologetic Jenny fangirl.

You might not even remember Claude. Allow me to refresh your memory, dah-ling. She’s the French woman in the uber dramatic hat that Jenny meets while Max is skiing. Jenny, like me, hates sports and would rather smoke and drink instead of move.


So they meet while they’re both not skiing at a ski resort (where Shane infamously left Carmen at the altar) and they immediately start having off-the-charts hot sex. I mean, they talk first. Something about Claude being a travel writer? Anyway.

photo by Showtime

Those lashes! The smoking! The femme on femme dynamic! Um, HELLO? Like, why are we not talking about this scene?

Claude and Jenny are not just an iconic TBT because they’re hot and tie each other up. Claude speaks one of the most iconic quotes of Season 4. Picture it: Jenny’s book signing at The Planet. Marina walks in and leaves Jenny shook AF. Claude was apparently shook too—as soon as Marina is out of earshot, she hopefully asks Jenny, “do you think she’ll have sex with us?”

That, my dear kittens, is in my book, an iconic quote. What follows is a not-so-iconic failed threesome. Go back and rewatch episode 401 to see for yourself.

Am I the only lez that cared about Claude and Jenny?! Please give me a sign if you’re out there.

And please tell me, what L Word moments stick out in your memory? What L Word characters do you have wet dreams about? What scenes changed your life? Lez me know.

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