Slide Into Your Crush’s DMs With These Very Gay Valentine’s Day Digital Cards

Let your partner know that you think you two make the best team in the world (after JoJo and Jenna on Dancing With The Stars).

It’s Valentine’s Day 2022 and you know what that means! Giving gifts and cards to that special someone in your life. But all lesbians know that Valentine’s Day goes way beyond just celebrating traditional romantic relationships. It’s also the perfect holiday to use as an excuse to slide back into your ex’s DMs, confess your undying love to that crush you’ve been making gay eye contact with for the past 6 months, and so much more. That said, here are some *very gay* Valentine’s Day digital cards for every situation imaginable:

OKAY, yeah, technically there was never a confirmed romance between player 240 and 067 in “Squid Game.” But what is gayer than literally dying for someone? Get the U-Haul and RUN ME OVER WITH IT. This card is a great way to confess your feelings to your crush in a not-at-all-subtle way. Perfect!

Is your significant other a TikTok lesbian? If yes, I’m so sorry for you. If no, they definitely wish they were. TikTok gays have taken the lesbian world by storm as of late, so let your sweetheart know that they’re the only one you want all over your “for you” page with this card. *bites lip seductively*

Settings > Phone > Blocked Contacts > Edit > Unblock 

K-Stew just got an Oscar nom for her role as Princess Diana AND she got engaged? That’s two major W’s for the gays and a royal wedding is now in order! Send this card to your significant other to manifest your own wedding. 

With all of the romantic love goin’ around on Valentine’s Day, make sure to spread some love to your friends, especially the ones who may not be ready or able to express the romantic love they feel for people of the same gender. This card is juuust discrete enough to be understood by LGBTQ+ folk, but not the normies (str8 people). 

This is the essential V-day card for any WLW in your life! No one serves looks harder than queer women at the Met Gala. Bonus points if you save some of your Valentine’s Day chocolates to throw at the heterosexual men who refuse to dress for the Gala’s theme and only wear suits every year. Smh.


Rue and Jules are FINALLY together in season two of “Euphoria,” exactly how God intended. This card is perfect for the girl you spent an entire season trying to get to love you back. 

Ellen has given away so many gifts during her time on TV. But just because her show is coming to an end soon does not mean lesbians stop giving. Generously. 

No one yearns and pines like lesbians in period dramas. Confess your love with this Valentine’s Day card. Complete the gesture with a floor length gown, a petticoat, weirdly long eye contact and lots of gay panic.

Ah, the age-old “enemies to lovers” trope. Use this V-Day card to let your arch nemesis (who just so happens to be a super-smexy lesbian) know that you want to stop aggressively fighting and start aggressively making out instead. 

This religious TikTok has been non-stop on every gay girls’ TikTok for months now. I’m not even religious but I know this song praising God by HEART. This is the perfect card to let your crush know that this V-Day you’re gonna take the night off from scrolling on TikTok to… worship instead *wink wink* *nudge nudge*

Let your fellow lesbian BFFs know that you support and love them this V-Day. Because platonic lesbian love is just as important to celebrate and cherish! And I mean, come on, the lesbian pride flag colors are ideal for Valentine’s Day. Coincidence? I think the f*ck not. 

Have you been secretly crushing on a girl with a girlfriend for like, ever? But as of late has she stopped posting pics of her girlfriend? Have they not been seen together in a suspicious amount of time? Did she even unfollow her girlfriend? Then this is the perfect time to swoop in and shoot your shot. Nothing wrong with being a shoulder to cry on (accompanied with chocolate, roses, and a fresh bikini wax).

Let your partner know that you think you two make the best team in the world (after JoJo and Jenna on “Dancing With The Stars”).

Whether you’re in a relationship or not this Valentine’s Day, there is always someone in your life you can spread some love to. Happy Valentine’s Day from GO! to you <3 

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