Find Your G-Spot This V-Day At These Queer Adult Stores

The only thing that feels better than a hitachi wand is putting queer money back into queer businesses.

Happy Valentine’s Day! This year, you may be thinking of ways to spice it up with your special someone (or someone(s). We don’t judge). In the last few years, a lot of us have been trying to do better and be better for those we love and support. And it is great to want to do more, even in small ways. 

This Valentine’s Day, you can show the person (or persons) you love that you care and support LGBTQ+ businesses at the same time. You can do this by buying those Valentine’s goodies, from lingerie to sex toys, from LGBTQ+ owned businesses that ship worldwide and accommodate all kinds of bodies, sizes, gender expressions, and sexy desires. Sex toy stores led by queer folks are far more apt to offer educational resources, workshops, and seminars about safe-sex, toys, sexuality, parenting, and more. AND their products are often catered toward the needs of other queer people, which gives you a greater selection and the opportunity to comfortably explore your sexuality. 

Here are a list of some badass, sex-positive LGBTQ+ owned adult stores to help you spice it up on V-Day, because the only thing that feels better than a hitachi wand is putting queer money back into queer businesses.



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She-Bop has a physical store in Portland, Oregon but ships worldwide. My favorite thing about She-Bop: the great online classes and workshops they offer. They cover everything from the G-spot, to anal play, to non-monogamy, to BDSM, to sex and dating with STI’s and more. They even offer virtual appointments with their super-friendly staff if you have any questions or want some help shopping. They also offer binder fittings (including before/after hours binder-fitting for under 18). She-Bop is dedicated to giving back to its community, and being a safe space for all women and LGBTQ+ people. But also literally what is more festive than their candy heart butt plug

Carmen Liu


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‘It feels unbearable using a product that, not only isn’t designed for you, but doesn’t even have your needs thought about’ (Carmen Liu, 2021). Carmen Liu Lingerie is the UK’s first lingerie company offering products designed specifically for the needs of the LGBTQ+, trans and non-binary community. They make super-sexy lingerie and the best part is that their panties come in a standard cut, as well as tucking panties to affirm all bodies. Carmen Liu is bringing inclusivity and equality to an entirely new level and we are so here for it.



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Enby is a Black, trans-owned company that is making huge strides towards inclusivity in sex toys and pleasure. With an array of products that affirm genders and bodies, everyone is sure to find something that makes them feel as good mentally as they feel physically. Plus 2% of all their proceeds are donated to a rotating list of small, underfunded organizations focused on improving the lives of queer/trans people of color. And if that wasn’t enough, the company is in the process of receiving B-Corp certification status, uses carbon-neutral packaging for shipments and donates a percentage of sales made on their website to renewable energy and forest conservation projects. Like? Does it get any better? Do their dildos also end COVID-19 and bring world peace?



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Babeland is a feminist, LGBTQ+ retailer that was established in Seattle, Washington. Its co-founders created the store in response to a major lack of female-friendly and inclusive sex shops. The brand now has three brick-and-mortar locations (the OG in Seattle, and two more in New York City) as well as a massive online store. They provide a sex-positive, education-driven space for people of all genders and gender expressions. If you’re masc or femme or anything in between, Babeland has something for you. Plus they make finding the right toy for you easier than ever by putting in helpful sub-categories to help narrow down your search. For example, you can search through their dildos and strap-ons by selecting your needs (intensity, length, material, color, texture, power source, etc.). The girls that get it, get it, and these girls GET IT.

Wet For Her 


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Wet For Her is the Tesla of lesbian sex toy stores. They offer sex toys crafted by lesbians for lesbians, queers, bisexuals, and transgender communities. It was founded when its CEO (Alice Derock) was disappointed to discover the very limited options for non-phallic sex toys for the lesbian and queer community. There were a variety of toys for women, but not nearly enough options aimed at queer women. This inspired her to create products that were specifically for them, the first being the Two Finger Extender (what did I tell you, T E S L A of lesbian sex. The innovation here is 10/10.) In 2011 Derock launched the Wet For Her online store, and over ten years later it is an internationally-established favorite among lesbians and queer folks.  

As You Like It


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One of the best things about As You Like It is their wide selection of toys for people with needs who might not be catered to in a traditional sex store, including toys for seniors and those with disabilities. It can be hard for some folks to grip small toys, hold heavy toys, press small buttons, or perform other functions. But all bodies are deserving of pleasure, and As You Like it has curated a selection of toys friendly to those who may struggle with finding a sex toy that works for their specific abilities. Some are controlled via an app, some are designed so that they don’t have to be moved once placed, and a few are specifically designed to work with wheelchairs.

If you check out any of these awesome LGBTQ+ owned adult stores to supply your Valentine’s Day night goodies, let us know! Be safe, have fun, and get spicy 😉

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