Seven Minutes in Heaven With Pyramid Seven Founder Zipporah

The best period briefs ever.

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(left) Michelle Janayea and (right) Zipporah Jarmon
(left) Michelle Janayea and (right) Zipporah Jarmon

Pyramid Seven is the revolutionary brand creating briefs for people who have periods. One of the co-founders Zipporah Jarmon came up with the idea because she bled through period panties and was frustrated with that being the only option out there. For masc-of-center, genderqueer or trans masculine folks who need more sustainable options for their periods—this is definitely for you. With comfy and cute options, you really can’t go wrong.

We want to find out more about Jarmon, her genesis of the project and what the future holds for Pyramid Seven. Get the 411 on the best period briefs below.

GO Magazine: Who are you and what do you do?

Zipporah Jarmon: My name is Zipporah, I’m an entrepreneur, graphic designer, founder and co-owner of Pyramid Seven a gender neutral underwear brand.

GO: What was the genesis of Pyramid Seven?

ZJ: The beginning of Pyramid Seven started out when I was at a temp position in Chicago. It was a few days after my period and I was really annoyed because I realized the day before that I bled onto a brand new pair of light blue jeans. I was not aware of it. It was annoying and embarrassing. Everyone saw me walking around and no one said anything. It sucks that I have to wear panties. If I didn’t have to wear panties this experience would be so much better. I figured that if I have this issue, other people might have this same issue. That was the beginning idea process. Because I’m a designer, I got home and I started sketching ideas for briefs for periods.

Model of Pyramid Seven underwear
Model of Pyramid Seven underwear

GO: Where do you go for inspiration when you’re feeling discouraged or depleted?

ZJ: I go to art shows. Chicago has a huge art community. I look at previous art I’ve done like drawings from high school. I go on Instagram to find artists who have similar styles. I try to sit down and play some music. I try to draw a little bit. The thing that helps me the best is talking to other creatives, bouncing ideas with somebody.

GO: Who are your queer role models?

ZJ: In Chicago, all of our queer community things are one big hub of helping each other. I don’t think I’ve ever grown up with an icon. Queer wise, people inspire me in my community. The folks who run Party Noire, day party for LGBTQ Black and people of color. AMFM Chicago is an amazing gallery that let us rent out their space as we worked on this idea. They’re curators who open up their space, which is incredible.

Models wearing Pyramid Seven
Models wearing Pyramid Seven

GO: What does the future of Pyramid Seven look like?

ZJ: More inclusiveness. More opportunities. Larger sizes. Different stories. It’s been amazing seeing why people use our underwear. I have a friend in an interesting stage in their life where they don’t id as male, they are femme but not sure where they identify. And they’ve always had issues with boxers and briefs because they tuck. With the extra space they couldn’t do that. We eliminated the extra space, which is why they love our underwear.

We definitely want to open up our market where we can get real body people and reach their needs. That’s why our outreach is really important to me. For me its never about finances but about getting the word out and helping people by making an option where there wan’t one. That’s the goal. Continue to provide this option and make it better. I hope that we are the ones that continue to work on this and make our underwear even better.

GO: Describe Pyramid Seven boxer style in three words?

ZJ: The style itself is chill, with muted colors. The fabric is organic cotton with jersey stretch for if you have curves and hips. Also open and inclusive.

GO: Where can people find you?

ZJ: We are on, Instagram and Twitter @pyramid_seven.


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