Queer Girl Fashion Icon of the Week: Author Gabriella Meghan Talks Chic To Us

It’s no secret to queer women that lesbians are the true tastemakers in the world of style, but it’s time we got some freaking credit you know?

“Lesbians have terrible style!” I overhead a nauseatingly-basic-clad “straight girl” moan at a cocktail party last week. My blood boiled in rage. Lesbians have terrible style?  What rock has this wonder-brat been living under? I thought to myself, gulping back my wine, shooting daggers across the room with my furious eyeballs.

I don’t know how or when this rumor, that lesbians “don’t have style” kicked off, but it’s complete bullshit and royally pisses me off. Yes, we’ve been known to rock flannel, but who says flannel isn’t chic, anyway? Fashion hipsters all over Brooklyn and Manhattan have been religiously tying flannels around their waists for the past two decades. And who started that trend, my little queer kittens? We did.

Just like we started the “fanny pack trend” that GO Mag writer and editor Corinne, so lovingly wrote about last week. Just like we started the “half-shaved-head-haircut trend” that still penetrates the international rocker-girl scene. Just like we started the “badass boots and denim” trend that magazines like Cosmo are always attempting to teach girls how to “pull off.” Lesbians don’t need a how-to guide in pulling any of these looks off. We were born looking sexy in distressed denim and Dr. Martin boots. We were born with high-fashion swag, baby.

It’s no secret to queer women that lesbians are the true tastemakers in the world of style; but it’s time we got some freaking credit you know?

Which is why I decided to highlight a different iconic queer woman each week and talk to her about her fierce style in my new GO mag column “Queer Girl Fashion Icon of The Week” (message me if you’re interested in submitting!).

This week I interviewed the amazing force-of-literary-and-fashion-nature, Gabriella Meghan.

Photo by Courtesy of Gabriella Meghan


GO Magazine: Who are you and what do you do?

Gabriella Meghan: Who am I? I always find this question hard. My name is Gabriella Meghan, I’m a lesbian fiction author, poet, tour manager, cat mom, history nerd, adventure enthusiast, and human rights activist!

GO Magazine: Who are your greatest fashion icons?

GM: I truly adore Betsy Johnson! Her quirky style always inspires me to wear super unique jewelry! I also love Lizzy Hale and Taylor Momsen, they really bring out my inner badass!

GO: Find ten adjectives that fully describe your personal style?

GM: Modern, chic, quirky, nerdy (at times), sleek, fun, intriguing, mysterious, inviting, and flirty!

GO: How do you feel about makeup? Love it, hate it? What products do you use? Do you have a signature makeup look?

GM: Love makeup! My makeup bag is about 90% Tarte products, 7% Too Faced products, and about 3% Becca products. I always use Tarte’s Brow Clay pot, Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation, Too Faced Chocolate contour kit, Tarte Lights Camera Flashes mascara, Tart Amazonian clay eye liner, and Becca highlighter. As far as shadows I go between a Tarte and Too Faced pallets. I often default to neutral more natural looks, but when I go out I like to go in on a classic Smokey eye.

GO: Where do you shop?

GM: I shop all sorts of places. I shop everywhere from thrift stores, to Forever 21 and H&M. Most recently I spent some money at H&M and got a super cute jacket, crop-top and dress, all for $25! If anything, I’m a thrift shopper!

GO: What was your most embarrassing fashion phase? Or have you been perfect and cool forever?

GM: Haha, my most embarrassing fashion phase was definitely in 8th grade. I went through a super “emo” phase only shopping at Hot Topic and only wearing the colors pink and black, while listening to Hawthorne Heights and Something Corporate! Not going to lie, I miss those days sometimes!

Photo by Courtesy Gabriella Meghan

GO: Describe an outfit you would wear to slay a job interview.

GM: I believe blazers are the key to professional success! OK, not really, but a blazer definitely can take you from boring to sleep professional in seconds! I would wear straight leg dress pants, nude pumps, a blouse and a blazer! I would accent my outfit with rose gold jewelry.

GO: Describe an outfit you wear on a date with a woman you were wildly attracted to.

GM: First date, second date or third date? 😉

It would certainly depend on where we were going. If we were going to a nicer restaurant I would likely wear either a cocktail dress, with maybe a few sheer pieces of fabric in with black or nude heels or skinny black pants, nude heels, a sheer top and a blazer 😉 But if we were doing somewhere casual I would wear ripper skinny jeans and a low cut top from Daft Bird, with a cute bralette underneath.

GO: Describe an outfit you would wear if you wanted to feel insanely sexy?

GM: An oversized shirt and booty shorts. Most definitely when I feel the sexiest!

GO: Is there such thing as lesbian style?

GM: I am not a fan of labels but am proud of the ones I hold. I think there is such thing as individual style! Sure society has deemed certain styles to “look lesbian” but I like to defy norms!

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