Pride Outfit Inspo From Our Favorite Celesbians

Pride season is upon us.

We are t-minus 10 days from Pride season officially being upon us. That means we all need to start getting real serious about planning all of our fab outfits for the gayest, most glitter-filled season. Not only is Pride month a time to celebrate all the radical ways in which LGBTQ people are thriving — it’s also a time when we can let loose and relish in our community. There are never-ending parties to attend — from day parties to drag brunches to epic till-the-sun-rises-nightlife events. You can truly have your cake and eat it, too.

But what the f*ck are you going to wear? Clearly, you need a new and divine outfit for every event. Don’t fret, my fabulous dykes, we can all pull inspiration from our favorite celesbians as we prepare to turn up.

1. Ruby Rose

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I’m not really sure what Ruby Rose does since her stint on OITNB — but she always looks stunning. Rose has a way of mixing femme and masc looks for a truly androgynous outfit. This glittery athletic jersey as a dress with combat boots couldn’t be more lez if she tried. This outfit also gets major points for comfort. You don’t have to worry about nip slips or any outfit malfunctions if you find yourself a little bit tipsy.

2. Janelle Monáe

Some Pride events are a little more ~classy~ and you might find that you need a dressy outfit or two. Who better to pull inspiration from than the queen herself? Janelle Monáe so effortlessly pulls off chic looks for every occasion. Might I suggest glamming up a brightly colored blazer with ornate jewelry and a velvet bowtie? 

3. Stella Maxwell

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This is the look you’ll need during the last days of Pride. When we’re all burned out from partying and flirting and celebrating and resisting. All you need is a bra, an oversized jacket and shorts. You can slay all your looks until the end with inspiration from the stunning Stella Maxwell.

4. Lena Waithe

Lena Waithe is not only hot AF in this look, but she also looks comfortable while also giving a flirtatious message. Find yourself some graphic tees that can let the ladies know you’re single and ready to mingle (though Waithe is happily engaged).

5. Carmen Carrera

This would be perfect for the Saturday night of Pride weekend. Bring out your best look — pulling creative inspiration from badass femme Carmen Carrera. Lace up your knee-high boots, paired with an oversized tee alongside some frill. It’s all in the detail. Might I suggest also dousing yourself in glitter to complete the look?

6. Kehlani

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Slick back your hair. Put on your hottest lingerie. Throw something sheer over it. Lace up your Docs. Done, done and done. Easiest Pride look that will have everyone giving you a second glance all night long — inspired from the insanely sexy Kehlani.

7. Madame Gandhi

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Listen up, babes, I’m a seasoned Pride expert. Not only do I attend Pride, but I’ve worked it ever since I came out. Comfort is KEY. And as a femme who would rather die for fashion than be seen wearing sneakers out — know that this recommendation comes from the bottom of my heart. Seeing Kiran Gandhi, badass feminist performer, rock a patterned onesie, a long suede coat and sneakers kind of blew me away. She looks fab. This outfit will be your day-to-night look that will ensure you can last All Night Long with your new Pride hookup.

8. Adwoa Aboah

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If you’re looking for more glitz and glam — look no further than model and activist Adwoa Aboah. This look is everything. The mini dress. The cut out shoulder. The glitter. The platform heels. YES!

9. Cara Delevingne

Follow Cara’s lead and wear something that will be a conversation starter. Not only can you show off your abs with a crop top, but you can pick a funny print. It will give you an ice breaker when you feel too anxious to flirt with all the cuties at Pride.

10. Samira Wiley and Lauren Morelli

Thank you #SFpride2017

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These two cuties in love were the queens of San Fran Pride last year. Wiley’s shirt (not pictured) read “Rainbow Is The New Black” and they each had stickers on their cheeks. How adorbs! This is the perfect way to do Pride in style if you’re coupled off and in love.

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