We Want To Peer Pressure You To Go To Pier Pressure NYC

Four decks, eight bars, and a guaranteed amazing time!

You know what they say about peer pressure: Don’t do something just because someone else tells you to—blaaablabla. Maybe your mom said, “If the cool kids jump off a bridge, would you?” But there are some situations where succumbing to peer pressure is a *good* thing, like listening to me when I say that you must attend the epic June 29th WorldPride party Pier Pressure NYC.

Photo by Shelly Simon

Here are the basics, babes: Pier Pressure, 9pm-3am, $40, Hornblower Cruises & Events, Pier 40, 353 W St (West Side Hwy & Houston St), The Infinity Docked Yacht (does not sail), pridedockedyacht.eventbrite.com. Pier Pressure is brought to you by nightlife legends Girlnationnyc, SPICE NYC, Danielle Stanziale, Cynthia Russo, Lovergirlnyc, and Las Reinas.

Pier Pressure NYC is an epic Pride party that got its start 20 years ago. Lovergirlnyc created Pier Pressure in 1999, when Kate Frawley and her partner Sofina were able to procure The Chelsea Brewing Company as a venue, which was an amazing indoor/outdoor restaurant in the Chelsea Pier’s complex. For the first Pier Pressure, the restaurant (which was physically attached to a pier) was turned into a nightclub. Because of this incredible space, capacity was never an issue, “which, as you know in NYC lesbian’s spaces, is a rarity,” Kate tells GO. The party was a huge hit and was able to hold a whopping 2K women! How’s that for Pride, babes? Kate tells GO, “It was definitely the most women I had ever partied with at one time in NYC.”

Since then, Pier Pressure has been consistently putting on massive Pride parties, and collectively blowing all the lesbians away. Pier Pressure is a staple of the NYC Pride month, but this year is an even bigger deal. Pier Pressure will be celebrating its 20th Anniversary as NYC’s number one mega pride party for Women on the pier on the largest yacht on the Hudson. That’s right, Pier Pressure has been serving up the hottest Pride party for 20 years, and its anniversary coincides with WorldPride | Stonewall 50.

This year, Pier Pressure boasts a new, enormous venue: The Infinity Docked Yacht. But where was it before that? After a 14 year run at The Chelsea Brewing Company that ended when the venue closed its doors, Pier Pressure jumped around to a few different venues. The parties were still a success, but they weren’t on an actual pier! Luckily, last year, the Pier Pressure team chartered a boat and came up with the “Docked Yacht.” The team was thrilled with this concept, but the yacht company was not used to massive nightlife events like Pier Pressure and the attendee volume overwhelmed them. So this year, they are making sure this is the best Pier Pressure ever.

“Not to worry!” Kate excitedly shares with GO. “This year we are working with the best yacht company in Nightlife: Hornblower Cruises and Events! They are pros in their field and have the proper staff to handle the numbers we are expecting, which is 1000+ women!”

The Infinity Docked Yacht

Since its birth, Pier Pressure has added many more amazing partners that work to bring you this epic event with the sexiest, most diverse crowd.  This year, Pier Pressure is brought to you by nightlife legends Girlnationnyc, SPICE NYC, Danielle, Cynthia Russo, Lovergirlnyc, and Las Reinas.

In 2010, LasReinas was approached by Kate Frawley with a new vision for Pier Pressure. She wanted to create a party where all races and ethnic backgrounds felt welcomed.  LasReinas, as all may know, caters to all women but predominately the Latin LGBT community.

“I believed in her vision and since then we have been a part of Pier Pressure.  It is an honor to be celebrating the 20th anniversary and partnering with all these amazing promoters,” shares Lori Torres, of Las Reinas. “Pier Pressure is not just a party. It’s a movement. It takes not just one person, but a group of women to bring communities together.”

Pier Pressure is proud to present an inclusive, diverse party. This is especially important during WorldPride Month considering there will be women from all over the world!

Cynthia Russo, another member of the Pier Pressure team, recognizes the importance of diverse spaces.

“As most people know, I have a large following among the Latin community. LasReinas and I have made sure the Latin vibe will be on point. We have a Latin Room where the music will be sexy and Latin beauties will be featured in our GoGo dancer line up! Its gonna be too hot to touch,” she laughs. “I’m filled with excitement and appreciation to have been asked to join the Pier Pressure team, for the first time, for such a historical  and iconic Pride event! Not only is it the 20th Anniversary of Pier Pressure; it also marks World Pride 2019 | Stonewall 50 in the greatest city in the world!”

(L-R) Lori Torres and Cynthia Russo

You might recognize Girlnationnyc from their iconic regular Friday parties at The Stonewall Inn, but they are also in on the Pier Pressure Magic.

“I joined the Pier Pressure team 6 years ago,” says Hana of Girlnationnyc. “I couldn’t be happier to be part of such an exhilarating team that provides Pride events full of fun and excitement where women meet women; friends meet, mingle, dance, drink; and celebrate together with awesome entertainment. I enjoy being a part of Pier Pressure with an amazing team.”

Have you ever sang your heart out doing karaoke at The Stonewall Inn? You can thank Danielle Stanziale for that. She’s also a part of the fabulous Pier Pressure team.

“As we approach the 20 year anniversary, I am so proud to be a part of such an amazing event for over 10 years. When Kate asked me to join the group, I was so honored and couldn’t wait to jump in and spread the word and make it bigger and better every year,” Danielle tells GO. “The group of ladies that stand with me at the event truly care about giving back to the lesbian community. We made it to World Pride celebrating the fight of 50 years since Stonewall and I know Pier Pressure will continue to fight for women to enjoy and appreciate pride in NYC every year.”

Perhaps what makes the party particularly successful is that these NYC nightlife power players unite.

“SPICE NYC has been with Pier Pressure for the past 4 years. We love working with all the nightlife producers in NYC and combined, we are a strong team!” shares Nikki Hill. “Each year, the party gets bigger and better. The Pier Pressure party has stood the test of time by lasting 20 years in the lesbian community, and we plan on being here for another 20 years!”

photo by Shelly Simon
(L-R) Stacy Lentz, Lori Torres, Kate Frawley, Nikki Hill, Danielle Millet-Stanziale, Hana Love

This year, we can expect more than a thousand women turning up and celebrating their Pride! The event will be hosted by QueerCut and recording artists Lumidee and Bon Bon Burlesque will be wowing the crowd with performances to keep us dancing and entertained. Pier Pressure will be sponsored by Olivia, Jägermeister, and GO Mag.

photo by Gonzalo Ezequiel

Cynthia wasn’t kidding when she said too hot to touch!

Don’t like cramped parties in small clubs? Perfect! There are FOUR DECKS. Don’t like waiting an eternity for your vodka soda? Same. There are EIGHT BARS. Hungry? One of the decks include a restaurant! DJs will include DJ Miss M, DJ Rosy Q, DJ Milli Millz, and DJ Melly Mel. What makes Pier Pressure stand out is that they have two separate rooms of music — there is something for everyone going on simultaneously!

“Pier Pressure is the baby I gave birth to 20 years ago and I couldn’t be more proud of that creation,” Kate says. “Collaborating with the best of the best has enabled Pier Pressure to withstand the test of time and serve the LGBTQ community for 20 years. Not many producers can say that, so kudos to the entire team! Happy WorldPride to everyone!”

Pier Pressure is a rain or shine event, babes. They got you covered—literally and physically. You can purchase tickets here. Hurry, this event will sell out! Happy Pride!

Photo by Shelly Simon



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