There Will Be 14 Out LGBTQ Athletes At The 2018 Winter Olympics, A Record Breaking Number

This will be the gayest Winter Olympics yet!

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Lez get real about something: Lesbians love the Olympics. For whatever reason, those of us who were born with irrepressible Sapphic desires get really riled up during any kind of competitive sports game, right? And the Olympics? Well, the Olympics are the holy grail of sporty lesbiana, baby! Lucky for us darling dykes, bi babes, and queer kittens: the Olympics this year are going to be the BEST. OLYMPICS. EVER.

Why, dear why?

‘Cause they’re super-duper gay, honey. There will be a record of 14 publicly out LGBTQ athletes at the 2018 Olympics, which will take place in Pyeongchang, South Korea (I definitely had to google the spelling of “Pyeongchang”).

In 2018 there are *seven* more out athletes than there were in the last winter Olympics (2014) which means the number of out athletes has doubled! Let’s bestow a big fat yesssssss, to the art of ~progress~ baby. The winter Olympics still haven’t caught up to the 56 out Olympians at the summer 2016 Olympics, but hey! It’s not a remotely fair comparison seeing as the summer Olympics have soccer. We all know soccer is like, the gayest sport to ever exist!

So let’s take a look at all the fab LGBTQ athletes that will be competing in South Korea this year! This year I will be rooting for all of my rainbow spirited brothers and sisters from all over the world!

Emilia Andersson Ramboldt, Country: Sweden, Sport: ice hockey

Belle Brockhoff,  Country: Australia, Sport: snowboarding

Brittany Bowe, Country: USA, Sport: speedskating 

Jorik Hendrickx, Country: Belgium, Sport: figure skating

Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Country: Austria, Sport: ski jumping

Barbara Jezeršek, Country: Australia, Sport: cross-country skiing 

Gus Kenworthy, Country: USA, Sport: slopestyle freeskiing

Cheryl Maas, Country: Netherlands, Sport: snowboarding

Simona Meiler, Country: Switzerland, Sport: snowboarding

Sarka Pancochova, Country: the Czech Republic, Sport: snowboarding

Eric Radford, Country: Canada, Sport: pairs figure skating

Adam Rippon, Country: USA, Sport: figure skating

Sophie Vercruyssen, Country: Belgium, Sport: bobsled

Ireen Wüst Country: Netherlands, Sport: speed skating

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