Precious Pooch of The Month

Meet Glinda and her magnificent mommy!

Name: Glinda

Mommy: Leslie Van Stelten

Age: 2 years old on June 16th

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Miniature Bulldog; Mostly English with a bit of French

Birthplace: Long Island

Residence: Colorado

Occupation: Avid hiker, squirrel chaser and belly rub connoisseur

Favorite Toys: Squeaky donut toy

Favorite Leisure Activities: Going on walks, hiking, playing with Joey the Aussie and licking kids’ faces

Favorite Foods: Absolutely everything that humans eat

Pet Peeve: Not having her own way

Least Favorite Phrase: Get out of the garden, Glinda!


After graduating from the University of Colorado and the Colorado Institute of Art in Photography, Denver native Leslie Van Stelten felt the pull of the Big City and moved to NYC where she became a celebrated photographer, popular DJ and a beloved nightlife personality. 

After 20 years in New York, Leslie, with Glinda in tow, has returned to Denver and is living big, shooting locally and nationally in NYC?and L.A.

Magnificent, silly, complicated Glinda has become a very important being in  Leslie’s life. Among her other skills, Glinda makes Leslie laugh at least 20 times a day. Glinda has her very own Instagram page @glindathebulldog and is followed by more than 400 loyal fans.



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