Precious Pooch of the Month: Osita

GO’s associate editor and brand-new sex columnist introduces you to her favorite pal, Osita.

Osita with her first bonePhoto by Corinne Werder

NAME: Osita
MOMMY: Corinne Kai
AGE: Almost 5
GENDER: Non-binary (her/he/they pronouns all work)
ETHNICITY: 90 percent Fox, 10 percent Unknown
BIRTHPLACE: Gracias, Honduras
OCCUPATION: Alarm system for apartment building by day; model for mom’s #OOTD Insta-posts by night (so she gets more likes).
FAVORITE TOYS: Anything that squeaks, until the squeaker is destroyed (then #ontothenextone).
FAVORITE LEISURE ACTIVITIES: Creepily staring at mom until we go for a walk. Modeling the latest dog bandanas. Barking at inanimate objects, expecting them to respond.
FAVORITE FOODS: Anything the humans have, until she has it and then it becomes uninteresting (unless, of course, it’s meat).
PET PEEVES: When a human dares to sleep on Osita’s side of the bed.

Courtesy of Corinne Werder

Osita hails from Honduras, where her mom spontaneously adopted her at one-month-old while on her weekly market shopping. Between the avocado and banana stands, Corinne saw this little bear look-alike puppy and couldn’t resist. You can follow her adventures on Instagram through the hashtag #OsitaPup. Corinne is GO’s associate editor and brand-new sex columnist. You can find her advice on sex, identity, kink and pleasure up on every Friday.

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