Leisha Hailey And Kate Moennig Join Forces Again For New Podcast ‘PANTS’

“Here comes pants. There’s not one leg without the other.”

Leisha Hailey and Kate Moennig of “The L Word” have teamed up again for a brand new podcast, “PANTS.” The podcast debuted with its first episode on June 17 on iTunes, just in time for Pride Month.

The podcast’s title apparently comes from Hailey and Moennig’s nickname, which their former castmate Mia Kirshner (Jenny) gave them on set for being such an inseparable pair. “Here comes pants. There’s not one leg without the other,” Kirshner used to joke, according to Hailey and Moennig.

In the debut 30-minute episode, Hailey and Moennig also discuss how they became such close friends, opening up about their early days on the “L Word” set and their initial impressions of their castmates, including Kirshner and Jennifer Beals.

“Mia, I found intimidating initially. She’s very enigmatic when you don’t know her. I remember watching her in those group scenes,” Moennig said. “I remember thinking, I really love what she’s doing.

Hailey agrees, saying, “She’s the warmest person and the greatest actress. To watch her is pretty fascinating. The show would not have been the same without her.”

Hailey, who plays Alice, and Moennig, who plays Shane, have been friends for 18 years now. Even before working together, Moennig had seen Hailey in the 1997 movie “All Over Me,” and the two noticed each other during the audition process for “The L Word.” They now both star on “The L Word: Generation Q,” and they also serve as executive producers for the show.

The “PANTS” podcast is edited by another “L Word” alum, Rachel Shelley, who played Helena Peabody.

The podcast trio are just playing things by ear for now, but they say they’ll have plenty more episodes on the way every week.

“This is such a weird time, and there are no rules. So let’s not put any rules on ourselves. Let’s play it by ear and see how it goes,” Moennig said. “Anybody who’s listening, hopefully, they enjoy it. If they don’t, we’ll scrap it and say, ‘fuck it.’ But if they like it we’ll keep going.”

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