‘The L Word: Generation Q’ Gives Us A First Look At Season 3


Does Bette still love Tina? Find out November 18!

“The L Word: Generation Q” has just dropped a first look at the upcoming third season.

A (brief) clip released today on Showtime’s social media platforms gives us a hint at what we can expect in the November season premiere. The clip picks up where season 2 left off: with Tina appearing on Bette’s doorstep following her falling out with fiancé Carrie in the season finale. 

“Can I come in?” Tina asks.

“Yeah, I’m just on my way out but I’m so glad you’re here,” Bette says, adding, “I’m so sorry,” referring to the encounter she’d had earlier that night with Carrie – which led to Carrie seemingly calling off the engagement. (Fans will recall that a very distressed Carrie had become convinced that Bette was still in love with Tina.) 

Tina then cuts to the chase: “Are you in love with me?” After an awkward pause in which Bette (for once) says nothing, Tina adds, “Is that what you were going to say? That you’re in love with me?”

When Bette still won’t answer, Tina demands, “Just answer the question!” In response, Bette shrugs nervously.

Does Bette still love Tina? We’ll have to wait until November 18 to find out!

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