Unpopular Opinion Alert: Jenny & Shane Were Hot Together

Are you as deeply disturbed as me and ship Jenny and Shane together? Lez me know in the comments and maybe we can see a therapist together. 

It seems like I offend people left and right with my unwavering unpopular opinions, including, but not limited to, ghosting is totally okay, a dinner bill should never be split, and Blue Is The Warmest Colour is a lesbian masterpiece. I get it, I get it, you guys disagree with me. So I’ll just alienate myself even more (I grew up in a conservative town as a one-armed lesbian, I’m used to it): Jenny and Shane on “The L Word” were extremely hot together. Nay, they were perfect together. Dare I even say they were soulmates.


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We agree with @thelword_fans. We ship Shane and Jenny together. Anyone else? Discuss in le comments.

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I don’t say this to trigger lesbians across America and the globe; I’m merely stating my opinion aka stating a fact. And because I am a classically trained journalist (OK, fine, I majored in poetry) I will state my well-researched case.

Jenny and Shane are HOT together

The reason I find them so hot together is because of who they are as people. However, I know the majority of you hate Jenny, so lez take a second and just focus on her looks. They are both objectively hot lesbians. Two hot lesbians together, are, well, two hot lesbians together.

They are equally f*cked up

Jenny and Shane truly get each other. They are both deeply disturbed and imperfect people, and yet they accept each other as they are while supporting one another to be a better version of themselves. Remember when Jenny went out of her mind and sliced up her leg? When literally every other character hated her? Shane was there for her because she truly gets her on a fundamental level. Which is beautiful.

Jenny and Shane genuinely love each other

Because they are equally f*cked up and have been through years of friendship, heartbreak, happiness, and all that jazz, they authentically love each other. They make sense. They aren’t just a random pairing with nothing in common; I get why they would fall in love with each other.

They have a shared history of moving too fast, and their relationship is the perfect slow burn

Shane f*cks everyone she meets. Jenny fell head over heels for both Marina and Niki Stevens without thinking it through (like, at all. Remember those shit shows?). Their friendship blossoms into romance over time, and I think that’s rather healthy for such notoriously impulsive people.

Jenny and Shane meet their match within each other

Jenny can’t pull her crazy girl shit with Shane, because Shane knows her too well, and Jenny actually respects Shane. Shane can’t pull her cheating girl shit with Jenny, because Jenny will go straight up witchcraft on her ass and sacrifice someone (or their dog).

No one else can deal with their shit

They’ve basically dated every other person available to them, and they mess it up every time. They’re meant for each other.

Jenny was truly vulnerable with Shane

Jenny trusted Shane with her whole self. Most of the characters saw all her instability without getting an explanation, but Shane got an insider look at why Jenny was the way she was. Jenny opened up to Shane about her assault, the reason why she was stripping, and her self-harm. That’s trust. And every solid relationship need to be built on trust! She’s also fully aware that Shane is a f*ckboy, but she still wants her. They both have nothing to hide from each other.

Did I mention I am wildly turned on by them together?

I’m sorry. Maybe I’m a sucker for an unlikeable female lead and the bad boy hooking up, but I found their dynamic incredibly sexy. Their personalities compliment each other in the most twisted of ways.

No one else wants them

Shane has hurt every woman in Hollywood, and Jenny has out-crazied every woman in Hollywood. They’re the last lesbians standing.

Are you as deeply disturbed as me and ship Jenny and Shane together? Lez me know in the comments and maybe we can see a therapist together.

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