Ilene Chaiken Confirms *THESE* Original “The L Word” Characters Will Be On The Reboot

And even more “L Word” gossip from Queen Ilene!

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My name is Zara Barrie and I’m a shameless “The L Word” addict (duh, I couldn’t be the Executive Editor of a lesbian magazine if I detested the holy grail could I? Maybe I could. But it would be sacrilegious!). I’m an “L Word” fanatic cliché: I came out because of the “L Word.” I moved to Los Angeles at the graceful age of 17 (alone) because of the “L Word.” I fiercely crushed on Shane and wanted to be Carmen. I both loathed and secretly identified with Jenny.

And I cried rainbow tears when the show came to an end. I patiently waited for another “L Word” type of show to happen. The “Real L Word” finally came out (which I *loved* and I think is *way* underrated) and while it was wildly entertaining, it wasn’t the same. I craved a well-lit Bette Porter sex scene and gorgeously written lesbian breakup dialogue. I went a decade longing for “L Word”-ish content. The content never came (a metaphor for my life).

“The L Word” reboot was confirmed the exact week I started as the Executive Editor of GO Magazine. It was a sign! The stars had finally aligned and all of the dreams I had manifested in my early 20s were coming to fruition, baby.

Every couple of months or so, it seems as if Ilene Chaiken drops a gem upon those of us who are merely existing in a state of perpetual reboot anticipation. First, she confirmed the rumors were true. Then she said she might bring back Jenny from the dead. And then she announced a showrunner. Each little diamond of knowledge Queen Ilene throws in our direction is expertly savored; slowly and delicately — for we don’t know when (or if) she’ll shine her sparkle of gossip on us again.

Today, my lady lesbians, I come bearing excellent news: Queen Ilene was a guest on a podcast a few days ago (the nerdette podcast, which you should really listen to if you’re both nerdy and cool). And she spilled all kinds of “L Word” tea! Queer it is:

1. Bette, Alice, and Shane will definitely be active characters on the show. 

“Bette, Alice and Shane are most definitely still in her story, so that’s something that we’re taking from the original. And I’m hoping that other characters will also reprise their roles.” Chaiken revealed on the podcast.

So that means two of my biggest crushes of all time, will be on the show….”Bette” and “Shane.” As exciting as that is, nothing is as exciting as the amazing fact that my BEST FRIEND ALICE will be returning too. Oh, Alice! I can’t wait to catch up with you, girl!

2. The writer/showrunner Marja-Lewis Ryan is “incredibly gifted.” 

“The reboot in some ways is mine and always will be, but as you know it’s being written and created by a new, and somewhat younger, lesbian writer. And that was always my intention.” Chaiken tells the podcast hosts. She also went on the record to call Ryan “incredibly gifted.”

If Queen Ilene deems this young lez gifted, then it’s a gift I want ~to buy~ babes.

3. The spirit of “The L Word” will be the same. 

Chaiken also said that the heart and the feeling of the “L Word” will still be very much the same, “She’s [Ryan] taking obviously the spirit of ‘The L Word’ — many of the characters, the world.”

Thank goddess, because the ~spirit~ of “The L Word” was f*cking magical.

4. There will be much better representations of different cultures on the new season. 

When asked about “inclusivity” Chaiken assured us it will be a huge priority saying that Ryan will be “going to talk about the world as it’s changed in these 10 years, the world as it is. My nascent representation of trans experience, my flawed and not-quite-enough representation of different cultures, all of that I think will be more well realized and fully realized the new L Word.”

I just love a self-aware lesbian, don’t you?

5. It’s the same exact world as the original “L Word” only a decade later. 

“It’s the same world. It’s not a recasting or reinvention but it’s 10 years later. And she’s going to be telling the stories of a number of new characters.”

This makes me very happy because I had a brief moment where I feared they would take the show and set it somewhere with gray skies…Sunny Los Angeles is where ” The L Word” belongs. “The L Word” Long Island wouldn’t be quite the same (No shade, to my Long Island lesbians. I see you and I am you. I think we’re better suited for reality TV, though.)

6. She believes that she sold the original concept of “The L Word” because she talked about dildos in her pitch. 

Chaiken says when she sold “The L Word” she was pitching to a “straight male exec” and believes that he bought the show because she shared a story about “what we do with our dildos.”

Look, babes. Love it or hate it, but sex sells. Why do you think I write about my scissoring fails so much?



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