Your Monthly Horoscope Is Here, Lesbians, & It Says Get Your Life Together!

Remember that Full Moons have a tendency to shine a light on things that are hidden.

April’s here and it’s Aries season! What have you been thinking about and dreaming of so far in 2019, babes? Whatever it is, I hope you’re ready for it! This month is a big one for making dreams come true, manifesting what we think about and finding ourselves more motivated than ever to get things done — the things that we’ve been sitting on and thinking about all winter.

Mercury has finally gone direct, so we can leave the communication mishaps from the past few weeks behind us. This month we’re all going to feel a shift of sorts – we’ll feel more open, more energetic, ready to usher in the new.

The first week of April is a positive time with the promise of new beginnings and opportunities all around us. If you have some goals you’re hoping to reach or you want to manifest your next lover, this month’s New Moon in Aries on the 5th is one of the most powerful of the year for setting intentions, manifesting what you want to bring into your life, and tapping into the abundance all around us.

Take your time to think about what you want to bring into your life for the rest of the year. Really get clear with yourself about what (and who) you want. Stay open-minded and ready to receive what the Universe brings your way so that you can achieve and create all that your heart desires.

In April, a few of the outer planets are turning retrograde. Though we tend to not notice these retrograde planets as much as we do Mercury, they do affect us on a subconscious level. The first retrograde happens on April 10th when Jupiter turns retrograde. A few weeks later Pluto follows, and then Saturn turns retrograde on the 29th. These planets will stay retrograde for a few months. And while you may not feel the effects of these retrogrades strongly, they will work behind the scenes for you; whatever is happening now in the shadows will be revealed in 2020.

During this time you may feel like you’re preparing for something too. You may feel called to peel back the layers of your psyche and really question how you’ve been choosing to live. Is what you’re doing really what you want to be doing? Consider planting the seeds of change this month.

We have a Full Moon in Libra on April 19th. Expect some heated tension around this Full Moon, so whatever you do, be sure to think before you speak or look before you leap, especially when it comes to relationships (friendships count too!). If you’ve had a strained relationship with anyone lately, this may be your month to decide whether or not it is time to let go. Remember that Full Moons have a tendency to shine a light on things that are hidden, so if there’s something that needs to be addressed in one or more of your relationships, it’s likely to pop up around the time of the Full Moon this month.
On the 20th, we enter Taurus season! This will bring a major energy shift from Aries season and will help us feel more grounded. Towards the end of the month, use this stable & calm energy to take the time to relax and recharge your batteries.


It’s your season, Aries, and a new challenge is in the air for you! You may be offered a new job or promoted this month. Whatever it is, it’ll bring out the best in you. Be careful to calm your temper, you might be tempted to argue with a coworker or superior at work. Bite your tongue. At the end of the month, you may find yourself tempted to indulge in the material world and treat yourself to something new. Treat yourself just this once and then reign in your spending.

It may be a struggle for you to let others have their point of view that is different from yours this month. Here’s a tip for you, Aries: listen intently, even if you disagree. And then, go out and find a way to creatively express yourself rather than lashing out at others who don’t agree with you. Your body should have a major energy boost this month. Your energy will be warm and enthusiastic and you’ll find others wanting to be around you because of it.


You may find yourself feeling quite lost this month, Taurus. It’s okay. Know that this is temporary and just let yourself surrender into the uncertainty and go with the flow. You may feel at times like you’re lost in a dream-world like your head is floating in the clouds and you can’t get back down. You’re going to need a lot more rest than usual, so grab a nap whenever you can! Give yourself permission to skip going out on Saturday night and laze around at home in your PJs instead. Take the time to look at your life and consider what you can get rid of that no longer serves you, including emotional baggage.

Try not to worry too much about the small things. This is a good month for your career growth, and even though your workload is increasing, you can handle it all. If you have an opportunity to travel at the end of the month (particularly for work), take it! By the time the end of April rolls around, you’ll be feeling a lot more like yourself and like you have more energy to get your head back into the game.


This is the month that you’ll finally get the recognition you’ve been looking for, Gemini. This could very well be the break you’ve been waiting and working for. However, this isn’t quite the right time to celebrate. You have some bigger challenges ahead, but it’s nothing you can’t handle. Have faith in yourself and know that whatever comes your way, you can tackle it all.

Socially, you may feel a bit like a square peg trying to fit into a round hole this month. If you find yourself falling into the same habits when you socialize, this month could change all of that. Don’t be afraid to make new friends! Maybe you’ve outgrown your particular scene. That’s okay. Join a group for a hobby you have, start a book club or go to a “meet up” group at a local watering hole. Be adventurous and get out of your comfort zone a little. You won’t regret it.


Cancer, let go of those money worries. This month is your month to make some green! Be careful in accepting business offers, though. You don’t want to bite off more than you can chew. Choose only the options that resonate best – the ones that guarantee income doing something you feel confident doing. You may find yourself spending a lot of time building on what you’ve achieved so far in your career, and working your way up that ladder. This may feel like a burdensome month – one in which you’re forced to be responsible to deal with all the grown-up parts of life. Hold on to your confidence, get plenty of sleep when you can, and don’t be afraid to take some time out every night to veg out in front of Netflix. You’ve earned it!


Got any travel plans this month, Leo? Great! If not…consider making some. Push yourself out of your comfort zone and go further away than you normally would. This travel will expand your horizons and broaden your mind in fantastic ways. You’ll find you have this wanderlust most of the month until the 20th when you begin putting your nose back to the grindstone to focus on work. You should feel recharged and ready to tackle whatever lands on your plate after some time away.

Do yourself a favor Leo, and talk to someone new. Whether it’s on the subway or in line at the coffee shop, strike up a conversation with a stranger. You won’t regret it. In fact, you may be meeting your new best friend. This person is going to bring new opportunities into your life and connect with you on a spiritual level. So say hi!


Insomnia keeping you up this month, Virgo? Try to let go of your anxiety (ha! Easier said than done) and know that whatever is keeping you up and keeping your mind running is worth it. You may meet someone this month who you have strong feelings for immediately – it’s either love or revulsion at first sight, but it isn’t anything in between. Watch out for people who bring out the worst in you and make you feel extra-critical. Just stay away. You don’t need that in your life!

This is your month to sit down and face your inner dragons, Virgo. You’ll see the parts of you that you don’t particularly love and want to work on. Instead of burying them, face them head on and deal with them. You have some emotional cleansing to do this month, and it’s better to let yourself feel what you need to rather than bury it all and deal with it later.


Have you been thinking about talking to a therapist lately, Libra? If so, this is your month to go. You may have some conflict with others that has you seeking an outsiders’ opinion. Take it! You don’t like conflict and whatever resolution you land on, it’ll be all about peacemaking in the end.

Spend time with people this month. Be social. Seek guidance from people in your life for problem-solving and soul-searching. The major theme for you this month is looking at your closest relationships and remembering that not only are your feelings important, but the other persons’ are too. Really take the time to listen to them. Feel what they’re saying in your heart and soul.

If your relationship(s) have been going through a rough patch, this is your month for finding a resolution. But you’ve really got to face things head on, talk about them and be present with whoever it is you’re with. Career-wise it’s a good month for you, but don’t forget to spend time with the people in your life who make life worth living.


Get your house back in order, organize your closets and put everything back where it belongs. Spring cleaning your house is going to have you looking inward and ‘cleaning’ out residual feelings, too. Get yourself into a good routine – do some meal planning, get your days organized with a day calendar, and don’t get obsessed with anything. You may also want to take a look at your diet and exercise – don’t do anything too intensely. Treat your body well, in whatever way works for you, and feel good about it. Consider doing something like a 30-day yoga challenge. It may feel like too much of a boring, responsible month for you Scorpio, but your future self will thank you. Really!

Someone in your life may need some reassurance from you – insecurities abound. Don’t be afraid to embrace them and let them know exactly how you feel. It’ll enrich your relationship for the better.


Get ready for some extra smiles and pleasure in your life this month, dear Sagittarius! You may find yourself feeling more lighthearted and enjoying making deeper connections to the people in your life who matter. You might feel tempted to play hooky at work and spend time away from the office. Your energy will be particularly catchy this month and you’ll attract other pleasure seekers into your life. Go out dancing, let your hair down, and have some fun! Take some time off if you can, but don’t spend the whole month this way! Once the middle of March rolls around, it’s back to business for you – early rising and organizing your life will be on the menu.

Generally, this is going to be a light-hearted month that has you smiling at strangers, embracing your friends, thinking about summer road trips, and discovering new music. Open your heart and have the fun you know you’ve earned, Sag!


You’ll want to focus on your home and personal business this month, Capricorn. It’s time for you to look inward and spend time at home – your sanctuary where you can feel at peace. If you live alone, take some time to decorate your space in ways that make you feel calm. If you live with others, be sure to get lots of time away where you can get some peace and quiet for all that introspection you’ll be doing this month.

Something from your childhood may pop up this month too – something that brings up a painful memory. Instead of burying it, sit with those feelings and focus on healing. Meditation could serve you well this month, lovely Capricorn. By the end of the month, you’ll be feeling more social and your whole vibe will lighten up some, just in time for the warmer weather!


Connecting to your community is where it’s at for you this month, Aquarius. There are events that you’ll need to attend, protests you need to engage in and socializing that must be done! Don’t hold back this month – go where you want to go, speak your mind and dive right into anything that comes your way with gusto. You’ll be feeling restless, so if you can, visit your siblings or old friends you haven’t seen for a while. They can help you feel grounded.
You may find yourself catching up with all the gossip this month too. Be sure to take what you hear with a grain of salt and draw your own conclusions after you’ve done your research. This is also a great time to learn something new. Whether you’ve been thinking about playing lacrosse or taking up knitting, this is your month to do it!


Don’t get yourself too caught up in the material things in life this month, tender Pisces. Shopping may feel like good therapy, but you’ll live to regret it. The best approach to give yourself the care you need this month is to gather your friends around and pamper each other for an evening rather than spending money.

You may gain some respect at work this month from your peers and superiors. If you’re picking up the extra slack for others at work, know that you will be recognized for your efforts. But don’t forget your loved ones – work is never more important than your family and friends. Reassure your loved ones that you may be busy, but this is temporary and you will have plenty of quality time with them next month.

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