Horoscopes For Queer Women: What’s Your Money Trauma?

Get smart about money.

We’re canvassing into deep, inner issues this week, especially about money. Post Virgo New Moon, we have Saturn, Uranus, and Mercury in a grand earth trine. Venus ingresses into Scorpio while Jupiter and Neptune pour their water intuition into Pluto, through a sextile formation. Find some time early week to bring yourself into a place where you’re able to be honest with yourself about what your expectations about money, support, and sustainability is.

When did your money trauma happen? Was it one event or sustained throughout the years? Where did it happen and what did it change in your life? How has it changed the ways you allow yourself to trust other people, the world, and yourself?

Try to figure out what money means to you and what it keeps you from thinking about. We’re thinking emotionally about money this week, so it’s less about what you’re planning versus what your fears, anxieties, and desire are. With Uranus in Taurus for the next seven years, it’s also a good time to thinking about how to mobilize community around issues of support and sustainability.

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Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


You’re going through career changes. You might have a new time schedule after this week. Prepare for it by setting a new bed time or alarm clock situation. Adjust your circadian rhythm to excel everyday in a new way. Invest in new routines and ways of going about your business. You want to spend your energy in the way best that you can.


Things are lining up for you. You know what you want and how you want to get it. Career opportunities can come to you, especially ones that show your personal genius. Take advantage of it by investing in something not just for now, but something for the future. Find out what satisfies you and do that. Bide your time and your patience.


What did your family or past teach you about sex, power, and self worth? You’re going deep this week, Gemini, on learned things that happened long ago, which may still control you today. Unpacking and deconstructing some assumptions might lead to a better sense of trust with the people you want to love completely and wholly.


Communication is key. Is there anything you tend to skim over, because you feel like the person already knows? Chances are, no one knows until you find a way to say it. Plan your conversations in advance. Hold some things close to the heart. Even those closest to you don’t have to know everything about you, just the things that are necessary.


Get smart about money. Find ways of asking for more at work. Finding a way to get a raise or switching jobs so that you make more money is something you should be doing every year and, right now, it’s the best time to do it for you. You need to review your dreams and make sure that you’re able to support the biggest ones that you have.


It’s the perfect time for changing aspects of your appearance, like getting a haircut or restyling your wardrobe. You’re attractive in a whole new way. Attract different people and fall in love differently. You’re a new version of yourself for the year. It’s important to look and feel that way. Be your most creative self and show that creativity off.


Go back home, wherever that is. Maybe you need to visit your family. Maybe you need to just hole up in your apartment and room for a few days. Maybe home is a particular loved one you need to remind yourself exists in your life. Make sure you have plenty of space around you for thinking and dreaming. Clean up any messes that you may have made.


Hang out with some friends. You need the company of those who are like you around you this week. When you find great company, you have great conversations and great ideas. It’s important that you’re just around people this week, without needing to give or take anything, because there might be a word or phrase from someone else’s mouth that you need to hear.


You need to start accounting for things and being accountable for things. This will improve your relationships with colleagues, friends, family, and anyone who gives you support. When you show that you’re responsible, people want to fuel your big dreams. They see you as inspirational. When you’re irresponsible, people think you’re a scam artist.


You’re thinking of who you want to be and what your strength are. Your strengths are highlighted this week and you’ve got several. Strategize ways of using them to your best ability, so that you’re using yourself in the best way possible. Ask yourself once again what you want to be when you grow up, knowing that growing up is a continual process.


Think back to your early childhood up to now. What are the subconscious impulses you have in terms of how you deal with money? Did you grow up always wanting something? Did money represent a part of the American dream to you? Find a way, through journaling or dreamwork, to manipulate your security complexes in your security.


Reach out to your friends for support. You’re not alone, and life will prove to you that you’re not. Even with money. Don’t give into the highly individual pursuit of money, which becomes a dream that always remains unfulfilled, but problem solve ways to use money in support of yourself and those you love. This will give you more security.

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