Horoscopes For Queer Women: What The Stars Have In Store For You This April (Besides Staying At Home)

This too shall pass.

The world as we know it has changed (understatement of the year!) and everything feels completely off-kilter. If you’re feeling anxious, uncertain, sad, and even scared, know this: You are not alone. Also: This too shall pass. Let’s look to the planets to see what wisdom they have to share with us to help us get through this once-in-a-lifetime pandemic, lovelies. 

Spring always represents a powerful time to plant seeds in your life, so no matter what is going on around you, now would be a great time to think about your intentions, goals, and routines that you’d like to work towards in the coming months when life resumes some semblance of normalcy.  

Saturn — the planet of responsibility and duty — is transiting through Aquarius as of March 21st. Top of mind should be community, humanitarian efforts, and how we are all connected. If you’re feeling disconnected, take some time to reach out to those who matter to you, even if it’s been ages since you last spoke. If you’re feeling helpless, consider the things you can do to support your community — even if that “just” means staying home and having Zoom parties to keep you all safe & healthy. 

Without further ado, let’s delve into what the planets have in store for you for April 2020. 


Though your birthday plans are likely put on hold for COVID-19, you have a big role to play in your social group this month, Aries. Focus on keeping in touch with your inner circle through Zoom parties, FaceTime dates, even real letters in the mail! This will not only keep you busy, but will help your loved ones feel appreciated and seen by you. People look to you as the glue in your social group, and for good reason. Don’t expect too much from others, and don’t give more than you can. Your friends will show up for you in any way they can too. Be well, and happy birthday! 


It’s officially your birthday season as of April 19th, but rather than kicking it off with parties in the sun, you might have to look inward and listen to your inner voice and consider how you want to spend the next year. Tap into your intuition and your self-confidence reserves to get you through the hard stuff. After all, no one can do “relaxing” better than a Taurus! Seek comfort from those who can offer it. Establish routines in your life (as much as you can). Extend kindness whenever possible. The full moon on the 7th is asking you to scrutinize your habits. What is working for your mental health and well-being, and what isn’t? It may be difficult, but set boundaries and kick things to the curb if they aren’t for your highest good. From now on, only do what is truly worth doing. 


Everything feels heavy, so it’s more important than ever to seek out lightheartedness and fun whenever you can, Gemini. If anyone can do it, it’s you! The Full Moon on the 7th will help you clarify what you need — both to yourself and others. Your inner and outer life will align and you can soon pursue all of your dreams with the intensity of a thousand hot suns. Just give it time and for now, seek out fun and laughter and joy whenever possible. The work will come later. For now, smile when you can and spread your eternal sunshine with those who matter most. 


This time of social-distancing and caring for your community by staying at home is where it’s at for you, Cancer. What needs to be done in your family — both blood and chosen — should get most of your attention this month. You’re dealing with issues astutely, but don’t do everything on your own if you don’t have to. Ask for help. Delegate. And for crying out loud, make self-care a priority, too! Let go of being overly defensive and reactionary, if you can. With emotions running high not just for you, but everyone, it’s time to recognize that these imbalances are not personal but just a sign of the times. Go easy on everyone and extend grace — to yourself especially.


Now is the time not to seek the spotlight, but to tackle your “minor” to-do list that you’ve been ignoring for the larger parts of life. As nice as it is to have this time to do whatever the heck you fancy, you can’t forget about your responsibilities and paying attention to the minor things that keep your life moving along smoothly. Clean out your closet. Send that letter to your grandma that’s been sitting in a pile for months. This will free up time to do more significant things in the coming months. Expect a raise or some type of promotion when all of this blows over. But remember: the added attention comes with added responsibility, too. 


While it may be a stereotype that Virgos throw themselves into working and cleaning in moments of stress, that’s exactly what you should be doing right now, Virgo. But right now, make sure the “work” is something that is good for you, your body, and your mental health. Set a schedule for yourself  — even if it’s a largely relaxing one — and stick with it. Organize to your heart’s content. Pour yourself into a good book series or get started on that online class you’ve been wanting to take. Nourish your relationships by writing letters, indulging in one-on-one FaceTime “date” nights with your bestie. Do whatever it takes, but do take care of yourself, Virgo. 


You must be feeling a bit squirrelly and perhaps even lonely right now, Libra. You’re probably aching for some personal contact and adoration. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, take the initiative to be a social coordinator and get those video chats with your pals set up. And then, perhaps, take some time each day to look within for fulfillment rather than the praise that you usually expect — and get — from others. Define your self-worth not on the compliments you get, but on who you are and the goodness you project into the world. This is your chance to do some maturing and a way to be more forthcoming with the thoughts and feelings you often bury down for the sake of keeping the peace.


Spend this new-found free time to elevate your self-care, Scorpio. Now, more than ever, caring for yourself in every way you can is most important. Take your health seriously, and don’t feel bad for splurging a little on skincare or the online yoga class you’ve been thinking about taking. But don’t get too serious about it; make sure whatever it is you adopt into your routine brings you joy. The last half of this month is all about relationships for you. It’s a good time for you to bridge any gaps with friendships gone astray or to call your cousin you haven’t talked to in forever. These connections will be more important than ever throughout the rest of the year. You don’t need to divulge all of your secrets in order to have healthy connections. 


Despite the chaos around you in the world, you may find yourself feeling extra joyful this month, Sagittarius. Spearhead those projects and ideas that have been swirling around in your head. Initiate video conferences, send the pitch, bring your business plan to life. You may not be able to travel, but that doesn’t mean you have to slow down! Something inside of you is itching to be born, so get started and bring it to fruition! Beyond that, take a little time for self-reflection and think about what in your life frustrates you and how you can best work with the lessons you’re being taught in those moments. 


Work is most likely on the top of your priority list throughout all of April, Capricorn. And while you might be thinking, “What else is new?” this month presents a unique challenge for you. You’re usually working your tail off, but you may find that this is the time to let things go a little, to relax more than usual, and to let others take the reins so you can actually get some downtime. You need it, whether you think so or not! Are you living a “worker bee” lifestyle just to prove you can? If so, take a step back and just let yourself be. Your worth isn’t tied to your productivity. In fact, you’re likely to see better results when you do let go of the control a little. 


You know all of those far-fetched, “tin foil hat” ideas you always have running through your brain? Now is the time to share them — and people will actually find that you’re making sense! Indulge your inner scientist, your inner peacekeeper, and share the thoughts and ideas you have to solve our world’s problems. We need you now more than ever, Aquarius! Just don’t get too swept away in your ideas that you forget to take care of yourself. Make sure you eat regular meals, take out the trash, and clean the litter box! After the Full Moon, your innovative nature will really be appreciated by those around you. Don’t forget to share your big ideas with a broad audience, too. 


Not that you need anyone to tell you to do this, sweet Pisces, but reach out to your loved ones this month. Far and wide. You don’t need to carry everyone’s emotional burdens, but your people really do need your loving, tender heart now more than ever. You have a comforting energy about you. Everyone wants your hugs (but only if they live in your house!), so give them a virtual hug and share your sweetness with everyone who needs it. Because guess what? You need it just as much as your pals. After the 11th this month, you’ll have a chance to manifest more of what — and who — you want into your life. But perhaps now is the time to really concentrate on bringing some financial stability into your life. Get creative and think of ways you can earn money while stuck indoors. It may be tempting to say “the world is burning so it doesn’t matter!” but it does. Future you will thank yourself for it.

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