Horoscopes For Queer Women: Harvest Moon Celebration

Use the harvest moon to find abundance.

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The harvest moon on Monday is a cause for celebration (Happy Mid-Autumn festival!). It’s also a time to investigate what resources are out there to support you in doing the things that you want to do. Ask for money to fund the projects you believe in. Build relationship with those you trust. There’s an abundance of support out there. Use the harvest moon to find them and use them.

The Aries full moon is also a time of reviewing what debts you hold, and whether the actions you engage in now perpetuate those same debts. The moon wants us to cleanse our debts through forgiveness. You can only do this if you remove what still requires that you lend yourself out, or lend others out. 

Sacrifice something this week, towards the things that you want to worship. You might sacrifice a grievance still held over the head of a friend, from a conflict that occurred long ago. You might sacrifice an old childhood vision of who you would be, because the adult you have visions that satisfy the you in the now. Remember that, whatever you sacrifice, it must be something pure. Otherwise, it’s won’t make your goals worthy of you.

Read for your rising sign! If you don’t know your rising sign, read your Sun and Moon 🙂


Let go of your exceptionalism. Find the people who you are most similar to. You are not better or brighter, or worse or more horrific than anyone else. Focus on what you share with people and get to know them from the ground up. It’s okay to think that you’re the best, when you know that everyone else is the best in something too. Rejoice at all the bests there are.


You’re already lost the thing that you must sacrifice this week. You’ve lost it a long time ago, but a part that you didn’t know was you has held on all this time. There’s the chance to actually let go, by controlling what you do on a daily scale. Set your own schedule so that it feel healthy to you, and chance your waking life to change your sleeping one.


Sacrifice a group of friends or network, that aren’t really your friends anymore. The hardest thing so do is to call out a problem when there are social stakes involved. However, it’s far deadlier to stay connected, and watch those connections turn into traps when your relationships cause self hate. Choose to love yourself instead.


Sacrifice an ambition that’s destroying you more than building you up. It can be something that everyone always told you that you were good at and wanted to see you excel in. The thing is, you’re past this the self that had to meet these old expectations. Your new self wants a new challenge. You can’t have one if you feel stuck.


Sacrifice one of your opinions or ideals. Let go of the sense that you’re more idealistic than others. It’s time to really listen, instead, to something that changes your perspective for a lifetime. If you’re too stuck in how you think the world operates and too busy speaking, then you won’t hear the important thing that life may be trying to tell you.


If there is someone or a workplace that has grown over reliant on you, then it’s time to step back. Clean yourself by judging whether or not the relationships and work that you’re involved in are fair. If they’re not, then it’s time to sacrifice a sense of altruism. If you don’t, then you’re building up debt gone stale, turning it into resentment.


Stop trying to control what other people think of you. You might have to sacrifice a person who you wanted to project to the world, a picture of goodness that just doesn’t do enough for you or others. Sacrifice one of your identities because you’re the master of making more. Its time to be someone new for a change.


Let go. You can’t control everything, especially your own body. Let your body processes do what they want to do. There’s a huge amount of complexity in there that neither you nor any doctor (nor any Wed MD article) will solve for you. Instead, try to listen in to what you body asks of you during it’s unproductive hours. In less words, get some rest.


When you genuinely believe that you are no more special than anyone else, you find that there are people who support you in your goals. Sacrifice any feelings of needing of being more special than others to the full moon. Instead, figure out the specialness in ordinary life. This revolutionary act will save you from a lifetime of boredom. 


Stop self pitying. If the home that you grew up in was destructive in any way, then find people who share similar experiences. There are always people out there who share your inner pain. Once you find them, you’ll naturally lift everyone up. Dwelling in your own exceptional pain will send you in a spiral. Focus on what it means that so much pain is collective instead.


Let go of any illusions you may have that you’re smarter than anyone else. You have to sacrifice your intellect, to connect with people and grow. You aren’t privy to other people’s experiences, and they’re just as vast and unknowable as you are. This sacrifice will be good for you. It will make you curious about other people again.


Sacrifice some delusions you have about what makes you worthy, in order to build a more solid sense of self worth. Too much altruism makes for narcissism, Pisces. What you want to grow is the ability to navigate societal issues effectively, not kill yourself trying to prove your own good intentions. Do something that sustains your own development this week.

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