Genuinely Adorable Holiday Activities For Your Chosen Family

Even a sapphic scrooge would melt for these cute queer holiday ideas.

Holidays are the time for family – no matter what that means to you. Whether your chosen family is a mix of friends, your partner and pets, or the cool neighbors next door, it’s all about making memories that sparkle brighter than tinsel on a tree. Why settle for silent nights when you can have uproarious evenings? Get ready to deck the halls with light, laughter, and a whole lotta love – after all, it’s the most wonderful time to be wonderfully you! Here are 12 holiday-themed activities to do with your chosen family.

Ugly Sweater DIY Night: Grab some old sweaters and a ridiculous amount of decorations. The goal? Create sweaters so ugly that the Fab Five show up at your doorstep. Bonus points for lights and sound effects!

Themed Holiday Dinner: Choose a wacky theme, like the gayest straight characters in Christmas movies or NSFW New Year, and have everyone dress up and bring a dish that fits. It’s like Halloween and Thanksgiving had a holiday baby (and you know how much the queers love Halloween).

Puff ‘n Paint: You’ve heard of sip ‘n paint, but why not make it a Green Christmas? You can follow a YouTube video or let your elevated imagination go wild. This would also work for arts and crafts, like a create-your-own ornament situation. Take your holidays to new heights!

Festive Karaoke Night: Belt out those holiday tunes with all the passion of a pop star and all the accuracy of a tone-deaf elf. Extra points for dramatic performances and improvised lyrics.

Handmade White Elephant: It’s like Secret Santa with a sustainable twist – all of the gifts have to be handmade. Part of being gay is having the audacity to believe you can create anything, so get creative and get crafting. Then, exchange the gifts White Elephant style and see whose gift is stolen the most.

Queer Women’s Open Mic Night: Host an evening where you share holiday-themed poetry, stories, or comedy about the queer female experience. It’s a powerful way to express your voice and listen to others’ stories.

Retro Holiday Game Night: Dust off those old board games or video games and have a throwback game night. Dress in clothes from the era of the game for an extra layer of nostalgia and fun (like I said, we love a theme!).

Holiday Scavenger Hunt: Create a list of holiday-themed items or tasks to find or complete around the house or neighborhood. Include tasks such as “find the worst possible gift” and “tell someone ‘I like the hat’ in the style of Carol.”

Gingerbread House Flip: Tap into your lesbian intuition to build stuff. Everyone starts with a basic gingerbread house. Then, you have 30 minutes to “flip” it into a culinary masterpiece using an assortment of wacky, unconventional candies and decorations.

Holiday Light Tour with Commentary: Drive or walk around to see holiday lights, but everyone takes turns giving a funny, over-the-top commentary about each display, as if it’s a high-stakes competition. Think HGTV meets Drag Race.

Community Support: Organize a group volunteer session at a local LGBTQ+ center or charity. It’s a meaningful way to give back and strengthen bonds within the queer community during the holiday season.

Chosen Family Bingo: Host a dinner party and have all your guests make a bingo card of predictions of what they think will happen that night. It could be as simple as “someone sneezes three times in a row” to something as personal as “Alex gives unsolicited relationship advice despite being single for 13 years.”

This holiday season, remember that the best part of the holidays is who you spend them with. Whether you’re belting out off-key carols or crafting the world’s ugliest decorations, the love shared is what truly makes the season bright. Here’s to a holiday filled with fun, laughter, and the magic of chosen family!

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