FLETCHER Is Saving Queer Spaces

Fletcher, "Becky's So Hot"

Meet her at the bar.

For the second year in a row, FLETCHER has been running the month-long event MEET HER AT THE BAR to save women-owned queer spaces.

For the entire month of June, FLETCHER has teamed up with Tinder to help women-owned queer bars are hosting FLETCHER-themed nights as a way to attract crowds. These events feature exclusive merch, photo booths, surprises, and prizes.

Last year, the MEET ME HER AT THE BAR event raised $50,000 for GLAAD, and this year, FLETCHER is hoping to double that number. She is selling personalized T-shirts for each event and has a donation link in her Instagram bio. The money raised goes directly to GLAAD’s News & Rapid Response Initiative, a resource that supports positive representation of the LGBTQ+ community in media and aims to protect LGBTQ+ youth from misinformation that affects their right to live as their authentic selves.

The event kicked off in Chicago on June 10th and has been touring around the country since. Henrietta Hudson hosted an event on June 11th, and Cubbyhole will host the finale on June 29th. Looking to actually meet FLETCHER at the bar? She’ll be in Nashville at The Lipstick Lounge on June 25th.

All bars participating in the fan experience receive direct support via merchandise proceeds, bar sales, and other onsite activations at the events, as FLETCHER says these businesses “need us now more than ever.”

“FLETCHER’s career as a successful queer musician is inspiring and refreshing,” GLAAD’s Deputy President & COO Darra Gordon said of their ongoing collaboration. “Her unwavering commitment to the LGBTQ community, shown time again through her work with GLAAD, has only grown as her legacy expands. The impact of FLETCHER’s music and activism cannot be understated, and GLAAD is proud to partner with her again this PRIDE season.”

On her Instagram, FLETCHER stated, “My heart is so happy to continue lifting up the spaces where we can love each other a little harder.”

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