August Just Got Hot: Fletcher Releases Steamy Video, ‘Becky’s So Hot’

Fletcher, "Becky's So Hot"

In the video, the out singer/songwriter fantasizes about her ex’s new girlfriend, Becky.

The summer just got a little hotter thanks to Fletcher, who dropped the video for her single “Becky’s So Hot” on August 1. 

In the video, the out singer/songwriter fantasizes about her ex’s new girlfriend, Becky. It begins with her lying alone in bed, before cutting to a montage that includes her riding on a motorcycle through a neon cityscape, and singing onboard a rotating rock beneath a large, bright moon. 

“Fine, okay, I’ll say and went and stalked her,” Fletcher sings. “And I don’t really blame you cause/Damn, the waist, the hips, the face/This is awkward.” 

The song, itself, was inspired by real-life events. “I wrote ‘Becky’s So Hot’ a couple [of] years ago after I was creeping on my ex’s new girlfriend’s Instagram while I was in the studio,” Fletcher revealed in a press release, as reported by Elite Daily. “I accidentally liked a picture of her wearing a vintage T-shirt of my ex’s, one that I’ve worn before.” 

The vintage tee makes an appearance in the song’s refrain, as Fletcher explores the complex and contradictory feelings of finding herself attracted to her ex’s new girlfriend. “She’s the one I should hate,” she sings. “But I wanna know how she tastes/I kind of want to hit her when I see her/Becky’s so hot in your vintage T-shirt.” 

The Becky in question is likely Becky Missal, Elite Daily reports, who is dating Fletcher’s ex, Shannon Beveridge. In the video, she is portrayed by out actress Bella Thorne, who eventually joins Fletcher for a steamy motorcycle ride. 

“Becky’s So Hot” will be featured on Fletcher’s debut studio album, Girls Of My Dreams, which is scheduled for release September 16.

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