Queer Girl Fashion Icon Of The Week: Fierce Femme Kaitlyn Muns Talks ‘Grunge Chic’ To Us

It’s no secret to queer women that lesbians are the true tastemakers in the world of style, but it’s time we got some credit.

“Lesbians have terrible style!” I overhead a nauseatingly-basic-clad “straight girl” moan at a cocktail party last week. My blood boiled in rage. Lesbians have terrible style? What rock has this wonder-brat been living under? I thought to myself, gulping back my wine, shooting daggers across the room with my furious eyeballs.

I don’t know how or when this rumor, that lesbians “don’t have style” kicked off, but it’s complete bullshit and royally pisses me off. Yes, we’ve been known to rock flannel, but who says flannel isn’t chic, anyway? Fashion hipsters all over Brooklyn and Manhattan have been religiously tying flannels around their waists for the past two decades. And who started that trend, my little queer kittens? We did.

Just like we started the “fanny pack trend” that GO Mag writer and editor Corinne, so lovingly wrote about in this article. Just like we started the “half-shaved-head-haircut trend” that still penetrates the international rocker-girl scene. Just like we started the “badass boots and denim” trend that magazines like Cosmo are always attempting to teach girls how to “pull off.” Lesbians don’t need a how-to guide in pulling any of these looks off. We were born looking sexy in distressed denim and Dr. Marten boots. We were born with high-fashion swag, baby.

It’s no secret to queer women that lesbians are the true tastemakers in the world of style; but it’s time we got some freaking credit you know?

Which is why I decided to highlight a different iconic queer woman each week and talk to her about her fierce style in my new GO mag column “Queer Girl Fashion Icon of The Week” (message me if you’re interested in submitting!).

This week we interview the high-profile-nanny, grunge-chic, makeup-loving, femme-force-of-nature, Kaitlyn Muns. 

GO Magazine: Who are you and what do you do?

Kaitlyn Muns: I’m Kaitlyn – I live in Chelsea and work as a nanny for high-profile families. Aside from that, I explore all that NYC has to offer, read, travel, and spend a lot of time snuggling with my pup, Louis.

Kaitlyn looking fierce faux-fur Photo by Courtesy of Kaitlyn Muns

GO: Who are your greatest fashion icons?

KM: This is probably an unpopular answer, but I don’t particularly have one. There are a million celebrities and bloggers I could list who’s style is impeccable and inspires me to try new things, but as far as “icons” go?

I can’t think of any one person off the top of my head. I love pulling inspiration from multiple sources but also trying to go my own way instead of fixating on the way any one particular person dresses.

GO:  In your words. Describe your personal style?

KM: Edgy—I’m a big fan of leather, rips in my jeans and slightly grungy combat boots. That said, I like to pair my edgier pieces with feminine accents—lace, statement jewelry, a blush colored top, etc.

I would also describe my personal style as comfortable. Even when I’m trying to dress to the nines, my outfit has to be practical as well. You can’t get anything done if you’re not comfortable in what you’re wearing… And let’s face it, as New Yorkers we have a LOT to get done. Layered is another adjective for my personal style. My favorite season is Fall when I get to pull out my layering pieces like scarves and sweaters. Layering makes the fashion world go ‘round. My personal style is definitely dark. I’d be willing to say that 90% of my wardrobe consists of grey and black clothing. Black is timelessly chic and always ‘works’.

Black is timelessly chic and always ‘works’. Whether I’m laying out at the beach or bundled up in a winter coat, chances are I’ll always have on at least one black article of clothing. Juxtaposed is the 6th adjective for my personal style. Along with all of my dark clothing, I love to add a “pop” of color to an outfit. Whether it’s a neon green bag, a bright orange beanie or bright pink lipstick, I love the contrast of one bright focal point along with a completely black outfit. My style is also authentic. I couldn’t care less what the ‘trends’ are. If I were to wear something that didn’t feel authentically “me,” I’d feel so uncomfortable throughout the day. Wide leg jeans are in, but I don’t like them? Never going to happen. What if chokers go out of style?

Kaitlyn Muns

My style is also authentic. I couldn’t care less what the ‘trends’ are. If I were to wear something that didn’t feel authentically “me”, I’d feel so uncomfortable throughout the day. Wide leg jeans are in, but I don’t like them? Never going to happen. What if chokers go out of style? You’ll still find me wearing them because they make me happy. I’d also describe my style as versatile. One day I’ll throw on black leggings, combat boots, a grey acid washed shirt and a camouflage ball cap, and the very next you could find me in a slip dress and stilettos. I love to switch it up and keep things feeling fresh. I’m a firm believer that any outfit can be stylish if it’s properly accessorized.

A t-shirt and jeans become automatically chic when you add that chunky watch, an ear cuff, or a fashion forward pair of shoes… The last way I’d describe my style is constantly evolving. I look at photos of myself just two years ago and realize that I’m a completely different person, stylistically speaking. I love to go with the flow, push the boundaries of my comfort zone and allow myself constant growth when it comes to my wardrobe.

GO: How do you feel about makeup? Love it, hate it? What products do you use? Do you have a signature makeup look?

KM: I am THAT girl. I looooooove makeup. I have a laundry list of products that I swear by. If I had to describe my signature makeup look, I’d say it’s a defined brow, smoky eyed, natural faced, intense look.


For my face, I use Smashbox’s “Photo Finish Primerizer”, which doubles as a primer and a moisturizer. I follow up with NARS foundation in the shade “Punjab”, and Smashbox’ contour stick trio.

For my brows, I use a ColorWow brow touch up powder

For my eyes, I start with Too Faced’s Shadow Insurance. It keeps my eyeshadow from getting worn/creased. Even if I put it on at 7am, it still looks freshly applied in the evening. Next, I use a Gucci eye shadow in Antique Gold and blend it with a dark grey shade of Mac eyeshadow. I’ve had the color so long that the label is worn down and I can’t tell the exact color, but it’s FAB and I don’t even know what I’ll do when I need to replace it. I use Mac ‘graphblack’ eyeliner and for mascara, I’m a fan of waterproof “Better Than Sex” (and it is… almost).

GO: Where do you shop?

KM: All over. I really don’t have one single “go to” store. I’m a fan of layering high dollar pieces with bargains I’ve found around the city. I love AllSaints, Alice + Olivia and Rag and Bone, but I buy my leggings at Forever21 (again, all about the juxtaposition, and like, why spend $40 on leggings when you can get them for $5???) I also try to never miss a good sample sale.

GO: What was your most embarrassing fashion phase? Or have you been perfect and cool forever?

KM: Oh man. I definitely have NOT always had good style. There are so many embarrassing phases I’ve been through. One of the worst may be back in, lets sayyyyy 2005? I thought it looked effortlessly cool to pop the collar on any and everything. I walked around with the collar of my denim jacket popped for a good 6 months. I tried to bring the side ponytail back into style about 7 years ago. That didn’t work either. I also went through a phase when I wore obscenely thick eyeliner, completely surrounding my eyes. “Raccoon eyes” is a gentle way to put it.

GO: Describe an outfit you would wear to slay a job interview.

KM: This is soon dependent upon the industry the interview is in. For a nanny interview with a high profile family? Classy, but functional. I’d go in an expensive dark pair of jeans, a button down or a blazer and dressy but practical shoes.

For an interview in the entertainment industry (which is my other passion) I’d wear something a bit more “cool.” Maybe a low-cut onesie underneath a pair of high waist, distressed jeans, statement jewelry and a pair of stilettos.

GO: Describe an outfit you wear on a date with a woman you were wildly attracted to.

KM: For years I was insecure about my small chest. I tried covering it up, wearing insanely padded bras, “chicken cutlets”… you name it, I tried it. In recent years, I’ve grown to love having a small chest and try to accentuate it whenever possible. Let’s say this was a dinner date – I’d probably wear a fitted, low-cut dress and a pair of thick heels, so I’d still be able to walk around the City if our destination changed or there was a second location to the date.

GO: Describe an outfit you would wear if you wanted to feel insanely sexy?

KM: I just recently purchased a lingerie style baby blue slip dress. I felt so good about myself in the dressing room when I tried it on. Still searching for an occasion to wear it, but I would definitely say it would be my current ‘go-to’ sexy outfit. I’d probably pair it with nude pumps and my hair in a ‘messy’ top knot.

GO: Is there such thing as lesbian style?

KM: I suppose there is, but I don’t think it’s just one thing. Look, there are the age old stereotypes—plaid, combat boots, leather jackets. I’m guilty of over-wearing all three of the aforementioned… But the beautiful thing about our community is that there are SO many “lesbian styles.” Walk into any gay bar in the city and you’ll see all kinds of girls rocking all kinds of styles. Dresses and heels, t-shirts and jeans, a smart suit with a work bag on her shoulder. We really are such an amazingly diverse group of individuals. <3

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