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Online dating site forced to include LGBT customers

Gay online daters settled a long-simmering score with internet matchmaker eHarmony in November. As part of the settlement with the New Jersey Division on Civil Rights, the leading love site will open to users seeking same-sex dates, romance and whatever else people go online to find.

eHarmony, which has excluded the same-sex option since it was founded by psychologist Neil Clark Warren in 2000, will welcome gay clients beginning March 31. The Los Angeles Times reported that in the new arrangement, the service will offer free
six-month memberships to the first 10,000 people who register seeking same-sex partners, and create a gay site, called compatiblepartners.net.

Why not call it separatebutequal.com?

Also under the settlement, eHarmony will pay New Jersey $50,000 for administrative costs, plus $5,000 to Eric McKinley, the man who brought the suit in 2005.

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