Don’t Freak Out But Cher Had A Lesbian Affair

Cher might not identify as part of our community, but she’s one hell of an ally.

If you’re still with us and haven’t passed out after reading the title– Cher admitted that she once “had an affair with a woman” when she was younger.

A 2002 interview with Out Magazine has resurfaced where Cher discusses her sexual fluidity during the 1960s. She said she was more open than the rest of her family, which is likely what led her to try a little lezzy lovin’.

“In my family, I was the person that was the freest. Also, it was the ‘60s, and the ‘60s were so open,” she said. “Freedom was something that people were trying on, like hand-gliding.”

Sounds like Cher was trying a little less hang-gliding and a little more muff-diving.

During the interview, she was asked whether or not she felt that sexuality was fluid, but Cher didn’t give a direct answer. She said she was “not sure” but that she definitely had crushes on women.

“I can remember when I went to Catholic school, all the girls had crushes on the older girls, you know? We had this kind of hero worship of the older girls,” she said. “I don’t know if it was sexual, but it was definitely some sort of a crush.”

The interviewer continued to ask Cher why she thought she had a lesbian encounter and in her typical nonchalance (non-Cher-lance?), she replied, “it was something to try.”

Though Cher does have some WLW history, she explained that it doesn’t define her sexuality now.

“I think at some point you know who you are. It comes to you what you want to do; it comes to you what you want to be and what you like and what you don’t like. And maybe it was because I didn’t have any feeling of it being positive or negative,” she shared. Cher might not identify as part of our community, but she’s one hell of an ally.

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