Disney To Host First Official LGBTQ Pride Event

The most magical place on Earth just got a little more magical.

Pride season is about to get a little more magical this year. Disney has announced that for the first time ever, there will be an official LGBTQ Pride event inside one of its parks. The event, which will take place at Disneyland Paris, will include late-night park access and a dance party. It will also, of course, include a Pride parade through the park at Disneyland Paris.

Disney has long hosted unofficial LGBTQ Pride events in the past, including unofficial “gay days” events. Last year, Disney parks in the United States introduced rainbow Mickey ears, which were popular inside the parks during Pride month. Additionally, Disney started allowing same-sex wedding ceremonies inside the parks in 2007, before gay marriage was legal in most of the United States. Despite this, an organizer of the Magical Pride event told CBS News that it will be the first official Pride event organized by Disney itself.

The Disneyland Paris website says that the event will be focused on “celebrating diversity at the place where dreams come true” and that “anyone and everyone” is welcome “come and party, play and stay at Disneyland Paris.”

The event, which will run from 8 pm until 2 am, will feature access to rides and attractions, special meet-and-greets with Disney characters, the Magical March of Diversity Pride Parade, special live music performances, karaoke, and specially themed photoshoot locations. The park will be “loud, proud and alive with all the colors of the rainbow,” according to the website. Magical Pride is also partnering with famous LGBTQ Instagram influencers who will be attending the event, according to the Magical Pride Instagram page.

There is no indication when or if Magical Pride may come to Disney parks in the United States, but fingers crossed that the event is successful and spreads to other Disney parks for future Pride seasons.

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