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Welcome to The Dish, GO’s new daily column about bits and pieces of queer and feminist-themed pop culture, political goings-on, people and events. As the Editor-in-Chief of GO, I want to use this space to share some items of interest, so if you think you have something GO readers would want to know about, send me your tips:

First order of business: We have a new issue! The February/March issue is out now and you can pick it up in several cities around the U.S. But if you can’t wait or want to share some of our great pieces on social media, it’s also available to you in its entirety online. I may be biased, but I think it’s an enjoyable mix of thinkpieces that have significant resonance now more than ever (such as Danielle and Aisha Moodie-Mills‘ The People’s Power: Making Our Collective Voice Matter and our stories about the importance of true intersectionality and the intertwined Black and LGBTQ communities for Black History Month) and features that focus on real women in our community who are working to make things more inclusive and visible for all of us in fashion, food, business, beauty, design, the arts and more.

We also profile two well-known women who are frequent topics of conversation: “The Real L Word” star Whitney Mixter, who is talking about her divorce from Sada Bettencourt for the first time, and DJ Gunn Lundemo, Sweden’s biggest producer of lesbian events and whose star is rising in the States after a joint tour with friend and collaborator Daniela Sea. And because it’s the Love issue, we offer up a piece on the likelihood of marriage equality disappearing with our new administration, written by two longtime equal marriage activists and advocates, as well as our annual Couples We Love, a collection of adorable duos with stories that range from romantic to silly to straight-up tear-jerking. You’ll surely spot some recognizable faces, including Elizabeth Gilbert and her partner Rayya Elias, who say they find each other “sexy AF.”

There’s also the only guide you’ll ever need to enjoying yourself in Minneapolis (start planning a trip for this summer!), winter horoscopes (my Sag scope was scarily on point), advice on un-friending your ex from relationship expert Anna Pulley, and a spotlight on two precious pussies. (If you happen to be new to GO and don’t know what that could possibly mean, I won’t give you any spoilers.)

Now after you’ve read all that we have to offer, here are some other things to take in today:

In L.A. over the weekend, original protesters and Mayor Eric Garcetti joined the community and allies in celebrating the 50th anniversary of the city’s pre-Stonewall protest at The Black Cat.

No one told me there is a black power lesbian in “50 Shades of Darker.” I have to see it now.

“Supergirl” has a Couple We Love in Alex and Maggie, and on this week’s episode, Alex comes out to her friends. (EW has the clip.)

At NewNowNext, bisexual writer Kristina Marusic on how it feels to be queer-identified in a “straight” relationship.

A lot of queer women are still in the closet at work.

There’s a lot of homophobia and accusations of “secret lesbianism” on “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” currently. They seem completely unaware that sexuality is a spectrum.

Gamers might enjoy this new “lesbian-themed yuri visual novel,” “SeaBed,” coming later this year.

What does it mean to be a libertarian lesbian? This self-proclaimed writer/podcaster shares her thoughts. (Warning: Controversial thoughts ahead.)

A London man has been sentenced to 28 months in jail after attacking a lesbian couple on the train last year.

Meanwhile, in Bolton, a teen lesbian couple was asked to leave a McDonalds after one of the young women kissed the other on the cheek.

Whoever harassed this elderly lesbian couple at the library is really going to hell, though.

On a much happier note, this Australian ad asks that you hold tight, even when you feel like the world is telling you to let go.

At Buzzfeed: Can Lesbian Identity Survive The Gender Revolution? The comments are highly entertaining.

People were making out in front of Trump Tower yesterday in NYC, and it was all kinds of gay.

Eva Green and Gemma Arterton will play Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West, respectively, in a new adaptation of Vita & Virginia. Chanya Button adapted the story into the feature script, and her previous film, Burn Burn Burn, had a major lesbian character and relationship, so it’s not new terrain.

“The Ice Queen and Her Wife” is a fairy tale for fans of “Frozen” but who wanted it to be more lez.

How HER became the go-to app for LGBTQ women.

LGBT refugees are still allowed entry into the U.S. for now.

Gigi Gorgeous on how she fell for her partner, Nats Getty.

Laverne Cox finally got to meet Beyonce the same night she told Grammy viewers to Google Gavin Grimm. #winning

Ruby Rose is going to be in “Pitch Perfect 3,” and she’s singing. In the meantime, she’s covering Cosmo in the U.S. and also her home of Australia, where the issue is also dedicated to Pride.

covers via Cosmo

Kristen Stewart is way into Artificial Intelligence. (Related-ish: If you’ve seen Kristen in Certain Women, you’ll enjoy this profile of Lily Gladstone, who plays the ranch hand that falls for her, hard. A quote: “I told Kristen: ‘I’m not going to let Jamie be all that self-aware’ because, after all, who is?”)

Ever wondered what it would be like to go to an all-female play party? Here’s one woman’s account.

Until tomorrow!

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